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this is the problem I have:
I have a Pocket PC (Dell Axim X50) with 11b wireless, now when I try to watch an avi file from my server computer, it pauses often(especially during fast action) for buffering.

I made sure the AVI was only 650Kbps Video + 96Kbps Audio, which means the total bandwidth needed to watch the video smoothly should be lower than that of 11b standard.. even with overheads considered.. so my problem is why is this happening?

thanks in advanced
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JMMIConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried your Pocket PC over the USB or otherwise wired connection, or played a file from an SD/CompactFlash card?  It may be some device bottleneck in processing.

if that works fine, then try to hardcode the speed on the device to maximum available (not to self-adjust based on link quality), it could be that the device is 'dropping' it's speed, perhaps to 1MB instead of 10...
sakuya_suAuthor Commented:
Playing from SD card is fine, I think I have found the reason, it seems that my Video are on VBR, so at times of actuion the bitrate can jump to as high as 1200Kpbs which is difinitly beyond my wireless bandwidth
Correct, and the VBR would jump exactly at the fast-action scenes...
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