Stream DVD from Media Center PC to TV

Hey guys,

I have a Media Center 2005 PC in my master bedroom. I have backed up some of my DVDs onto the drive and using the Virtual CD software from Microsoft I can trick the computer into thinking I have placed a DVD in the DVD/ROM. I would like to extend the output of the video to the TV in the living room (at least 70 feet after running wire through the attic). What would you suggest as the best means of doing so?

I have DVI and VGA out. I'd prefer the DVI because of the quality but have been told that it wouldn't maintain quality for 75 feet. Ideas for streaming the DVD across that distance?
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
wtconway  what is your actual problem?
You have one audio cable (black) coming from the computer  these sell in single lines at about 3 meter lengths as they are male and female ends just add as many as you need join them to make one long " single" cable then at the " end " near your tv add a this different audio cable as you want stereo :
one end is single male  to join to the extended,  and the other end >> two male ends for the L&R audio Red and Yellow: to plug into to tv left and right..Ok Audio done.

 Now the s-vidio cable is also  single cable and has a different end A DIN.
This is exactly what I am referring and is how I joined my s-video cable to a single line in so that I could add the extra 6 meters.
Please look here to see. It is an adapter.Hmm lot cheaper than mine to. lol. And yellow too. :)

Same here for joining s-video to single male.

So  buy that little joiner and plug the s-video DIN into one end,  now you have the single socket to add the male extensions.
  That adapter that will fit this round Dins and the other a single for the extended s_video .
For a similar cost to running a DVI cable 75 feet, I would recommend you consider: or a similar product :).
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi not quite familiar with media center but as an example, as I do this too :)
You will need to add an adapter so that your cables L&R audio and s-vidia cable will reach the tv lol. Cables through out the house lol.
Probably why wireless is becoming so popular.

I have an nvidia  gforce6600 video card with tv out, I set it to clone mode, then running L&R audio cable with the s-video cable out to a vcr, all the plugs on my tv are used up with dvd and cable tv etc,
 so I bought a cheap vcr with front usb L&Rr audio and s-video in at the front.

 I put the vcr to avi and tuned the channel 0 from TV to the vcr,  as the vcr is using AV my desktop is now on the tv.
Otherwise if your tv supports AV that is the same way to do this.
All you need is a media player.
Power dvd or media player classic are great.

As my stereo is hooked up thru it all I also have great stereo. It comes in handy playing avi movies straight thru.
Then I discovered Gruendig dvd player on ebay which plays all formats of cd yes cd including dvd, so now I went one step further and burn 6 avi to one dvd and play them either way from computer or using the Gruendig.
As I have a video capture card as well I can also reverse the tv playback to my computer.
hope that helps. Let me know if you need any more ideas
From one movie buff to another :)

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Eagle6990Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Why not user either a wireless card or hard wire the living room computer and use the same Virtual CD program to mount the DVDs on the computer?  Don't worry about streaming the video output itself, stream the data and let the computer do it's own output.
wtconwayAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the ideas guys. Won't the DVI cable option be expensive? I found this DVI "booster" box on froogle that will supposedly boost your DVI signal strength to about 150ft. Which would be enough for me but that box is $150 (roughly). I would imagine that a 75ft DVI cable would be ridiculously expensive.

As for the RCA/S-Video cables, I like that idea. I'm pasting the relevant parts of the computer below, in case that means much to you guys.

Intel Pentium D 820 (2.8GHz) w/Dual Core Technology
1GB DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz
256MB ATI Hyper Memory PCI-Express X16 (DVI/VGA/TVout) Radeon X600 SE
500GB Serial ATA II Hard Drive (7200RPM)
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, English
48x CD-RW and 16X DVD+/-RW
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS, PCI w/Dolby Digital EX, IEEE1394,7.1 channel, THX cert
Dell 5650 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers System with Subwoofer
Dual TV Tuner with Remote Control

I ran out of space on the hard drive so went ahead and bought another 300GB secondary. So right now I have a total space of 800GB. Right now I use DVD Shrink/DVD Decrypter to convert the files to ISOs. DVD Shrink compresses them to about 4.7GB with little loss to quality (as far as I'm concerned). Right now I have about 130 DVD ISOs on the computer and would prefer to keep them as ISOs. I would hate to convert that many DVDs to MPEG2 or AVI. Anyway, I wish I could just stream the DVD to another computer through the network. I like Eagle's suggestion, but that would require another computer in the living room, would it not?
Oops, I misread. I thought you already had one in the living room.  Yes you would need another one for my suggestion.

You could look at a product like this if it is in your price range:
wtconwayAuthor Commented:
Hmmm...I get what you mean.

Maybe I could convert the DVI output to those HDTV cables and run those. Do you know if they have a long distance before losing quality?
BTW the quality is great.  
If you wish dvd quality from avi don't we all :) strip them in small frames.
but the quality is very good still.
It all depends what format and size you strip the movies, what player you use and the quality of your video card with the tv. The bigger the strip and the TV the more pixels if you get my meaning.
It is still a very cheap way to do this.
wtconwayAuthor Commented:
These are great ideas. One of my roommates just got TiVo so he wants to try the computer options in the living room but I think we'll be better off with the s-video/rca cables. If you guys are interested I could post back after we move in to the house to let you know what we decided on and how much it cost. I just want to have a nice entertainment setup for the house. I would really like to make it a "house of tomorrow" type place, but I don't make that much money.
If you have an XBox or Xbox 360 you can use them as a Media Center Extender and put Windows Media Center Edition on one of your PCs and then you can use it to stream your videos over the network either wired or wireless.  May be worth looking into.
wtconwayAuthor Commented:
I do have a 360 and it works great for streaming live TV and mpegs or videos in similar formats. My problem is that I have ripped a few DVDs to ISO formats and then use Virtual CD to make the computer think that DVD is actually in the drive. I'm assuming because of copyright purposes, Media Center and the xbox won't let you stream DVD.

lol thank you for the points wtconway, from one movie buff to another I do hope you have success watching your movies in style ehehe.
btw are you using Daemon? You can copy these movies out of the virtual drive once mounted and save on the hdd. Or even have a hdd just for movies.;)
wtconwayAuthor Commented:
I'm not familiar with Daemon...what's that? Here's my current setup.

1 500gb HDD -contains my OS and other random files that people have on their computer, including music, pictures, office, some other programs I don't use. And a WHOLE lot of DVD ISO's.
1 300gb HDD - nothing but DVD ISO's. This drive is mounted as a folder inside the folder on the first drive so as far as windows is concerned, it's just a really big folder. Follow me? I'm not too sure what Daemon is but if it would make my life easier I would definitely look into it. Right now it takes me about an hour to rip a DVD and although that's a small price to pay for "backing up" my DVDs, I'd much rather get it done in 30min or less.
Daemon Tools lets you mount ISO files into a virtual DVD drive letter that Windows treats as a normal drive.  You can search Yahoo or Google for links to download it.
lol ok I see what your talking about ok.
Yeah I think using Daemon is a lot easier, your using virtual drive litterally.
Ok Here is Daemon Tools. Give it try just for some fun.
Here is how it looks and how to use it:

Download save this link   save as

When you are done with it I dis-able the drives so that it doesnt interfere with any other usb devices that may want the G drive.
Like digital camera or Nero .

30 minutes or less lol noway  the quickest I have ever stripped one of my  dvd is using dvd shrink takes about 45 minutes on my machine but the end result is a dvd. Set to 4.7 gig to suite a dvd cd.,fid,23009,00.asp#
My prefered method is easy divx I save my dvd as  700 meg avi and then burn onto a blank dvd, this way I fit 5/6 movies on one dvd. Saves wear and tear of my original dvd.
 easy divx which takes a couple of hours end result is a 700 meg avi. It also does it all automatically.,fid,22626,00.asp

Daemon is not a strip tool only plays the iso as a mounted image. Sorry If I mis lead you.
Yeah please write back how your move went. You can email if you prefer as well. Just click on my name.
Cheers Merete

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