change domain of term server and now logon lags

I have a terminal server based on Windows 2000 and change the domain it is a member of and now I have a long lag time when I try to logon.

What would cause this?

Thanks in advance.
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perhaps the domain changed, but not the DNS settings, or where the clients think it is?

Good Luck,
Hi locrawler,

what kind of ping responses do you get to and from the server
It sounds like a DNS issue as dooleydog noted.  If you are having trouble logging into Terminal services it may not be finding the license server due to improperly configured dns or you just may not be getting authinticated from not seeing the domain controller in either case it sounds like DNS isn't reflecting the changes you made to your network.  
locrawlerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses. I'll check some settings and reply back in the morning.
locrawlerAuthor Commented:
It was a DNS issue. I'd overlooked changing the IP for the DNS server in the TCP/IP properties. As soon as I changed the setting, it all worked fine.

Thanks a lot.
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