Need to add standalone server to domain - a quick sanity check

Hi all,

This is a relatively straightforward thing to do, but I want to double-check with all of you wonderful experts before I do it.

I just started working at a new company and their environment needs help.  One thing I need to do is get a couple of their standalone servers added to the domain so that I can standardize accounts across all of them.  The one server in particular happens to be running a SQL server, among other things (minor stuff).

My question is, what harm is there, if any, if I just add this to the domain?  I don't intend to make it a domain controller or anything.  I just want it to be a member server in the domain.  From what I understand, it shouldn't affect this server or the applications on it in any way, unless I had a group policy running to lock certain things down, which I don't (yet).  Baby steps.... :)

I just wanted to see what you all think.  Is this safe to do or what?

Thanks guys.  I know I should *know* this, but I always like to bounce ideas off of others, just in case.

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Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi masterbaker,

you cant do too much damage joining it to the domain, no worries with that, what i would check though is that none of your SQL and other app services, run under local users, when you join the domain your security may fall slightly out of whack with those proccesses but you should be right..... i cant see a problem though, plenty of servers here that were standalone and we just made them member servers without a hitch, you can only gain functionality :)

member server is basically a hyperactive client machine :)
dooleydogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If it is a standalone server, you will need to authenticate to it. If it is a member server, you can use the Domain Database (AD) to authenticate users.

other than that, there is little difference, since neither is a DC.

Good Luck
masterbakerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help guys, the addition to the domain worked just fine.  
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