Cisco 1841 series router with t-1 line.

Hello all-

I have been assigned the task of installing a new router for a t-1 line. I have very little knowledge of cisco and would like a little help. What info do I need from my ISP to get this set up?

Thanks inadvance!

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T1 physical layer specs: is the line coding B8ZS or AMI (B8ZS is typical)? is the framing ESF or SF (ESF is typical)?  Are you using all 24 DS0s at 64k?  Are you supplying the clocking?

Layer 2 specs: are you using HDLC, PPP, or Frame Relay encapsulation?

Layer 3 specs: what is the IP address assigned to my side of the T1 /30 subnet?  what is the block of LAN addresses assigned to my connection?

That should do it in most cases.
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