I just reinstalled XP in my computer. I do not have any sound in my computer now. If I try to open the volume control I get a message such as An active sound device mixer is not avaiable. Please go to control panel and double click on Printers and Others and add new hardware. I am not sure what to do to get sound back to my computer. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks so much.

I will not be able to try the suggetsions in next two days. So if you have multiple suggestions please list them all. Thanks again so much.
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likwidstateConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem sounds to be that you have no sound drivers installed.  Since you haven't installed the driver CD, I'm going to assume that you no longer have it.  In that case, I would suggest the following:

- Download Everest at

- Once you load Everest, click on the "Multimedia" button

- Click on the "PCI/PnP Audio" link

- Do a Google search on the sound device shown in the resulting list...chances are if you're having an issue with the driver for the device, then so has someone else and you'll probably have no problem locating a driver online.

Good luck!

- likwidstate
n_vijayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
as it is fresh instalation you have to instal device drivers for functionality of certian devices.

if u have an onboard sound card u will find the driver in mother board cd.

example: if mother board is intel they provide a cd.
where get your mother board manual and find out the mother board type.

and find the type of mother board folder in the cd in the folder sound and instal it.

you can do it for display adapters to in vga folder.

if u have external add on card like creative,yamaha then the driver cd/floppy should be given on purchase install that or else search for the driver on net.

see u.
Mohammed HamadaConnect With a Mentor Senior IT ConsultantCommented:
Try this to get full information about your Hardware and OS..

If this didn't work for you then I would suggest if you have a built in sound to check your bios, there'll be the infromation of the Sound card, If not then it's easier to take cover off and then take off the sound card and write model down..

Best of luck
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PyanfarChanurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd be happy to help you with some specific suggestions, but I'd like to ask that you please provide more info:

1) What sound card are you using? (Creative Labs' Audigy/Audigy 2, Turtle Beach, Chaintech, etc.)

2) If you don't have a sound card and are using integrated audio, what brand and model is your motherboard? (If you can't find this in any of your computer's manuals, keep an eye on the screen you see when you power the computer on--it will often show this on the splash screen).

If I can get that much info, we can go from there.



Good evening daleoran,

While I'm not sure if my suggestion ultimately fixed romaniup's problem, I'm fully confident that, if s/he follows it, the sound card will be working shortly afterwards

This one is a straight driver issue and the soundcard chipset simply needs to be indentified after which a Google search will turn up the correct driver file.  The rest, as they say, is history! ;-)

Thanks much for offering the opportunity to provide additional input to "the board" before making your decision!

- likwidstate
I didn't offer any advice on this one because there's not enough information--is there a sound card in the computer?  What kind of computer?, etc.

If the person posting the question would provide some more information, I'll gladly keep an eye on this and work with it.  

If they've solved the problem, it'd be helpful to others if they'd say what they did to fix it (along with the info I'd requested)...
romaniupAuthor Commented:
I apologize to all responders for taking this long time. I was not able to try any of the solutions until recently. I am very sorry.
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