To make a RJ-48C cable for T1

Need to make a RJ-48C cable for T1 point to point.
I searched via google buy only gave me advertisements of actual cables to buy.

I make rj-45 cables myself, now I need to lean how to make a RJ-48 cable.
The better the guide is the better is leanring process aslo. So please help me here.

Thank you all!

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Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
1 Receive Ring
2 Receive Tip
3 no connection
4 Transmit Ring
5 Transmit Tip
6 no connection
7 no connection
8 no connection

since you're only using two pairs it doesn't really matter on the color scheme, so for example you might use

1) green 2) green-white 4)blue 5)blue-white

and it'll be the same on the other end. the only thing you want to watch our for is, what robwill noted, you might be going from a punch-down that has an RJ-45 but your device needs an $J-48C in which case you need some form of adapter.
CobolGuy9Author Commented:
hi RobWill
I need a dummy wiring guide like for rj-45 straight-through

wires for end one of the cable:
1)orange-white + 2)orange + 3)green white + 4)green + 5)blue white ++ 6)blue ++ 7)brown-white + 8)brown

wires for end two of the cable:
1)orange-white + 2)orange + 3)green white + 4)green + 5)blue white ++ 6)blue ++ 7)brown-white + 8)brown

Rob WilliamsCommented:
Hi CobolGuy9. I understand the problem. Though I have installed a couple of the cables I have never looked at the pin out. I suspect the equipment end could vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The T1 end (as in the links) would be constant. The ones I used came with the equipment. The only option I could suggest is to look at the equipment documentation to see if it will tell you which pins are transmit and receive and then match them up to the other end as in the link. Seems to me the equipment end can be different connectors, RJ-45/48, or serial/RS232. Don't quote me on it but I thought the RJ-48C' & S's were straight through cables when using matching ends.

This is a pretty quiet topic area. I would recommend you post a 20 point "pointer" question in the router TA. There are several experts there who are very familiar with T1 installations. I am not at all. If you can catch the attention of lrmoore or one of the others, I am sure they can steer you in the right direction.
This site has excellent diagrams and explainations for Straight-Through and Crossover Ethernet as well as the standard T1 crossover.
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