outlook pst file backup and restore.


i need to backup my outlook emails, calenders, contacts etc, i am unable to copy my pst file to new computer as it is giving some error message.

What is backup and restore procedure for outlook emails. Pls explain the steps.

I just read one article and the backup & restore procedure is neeed copy my pst file to new computer and then i can import my pst file. Pls explain the procedures in detail.

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Greetings, nyee84 !

Here is the procedure to exporting your PST file


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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
FILE - IMPORT & EXPORT, - EXPORT TO FILE, choose .PST, save the file in a location you can find it.

Copy this file to Cd-ROm or another hardrive or wherever,whatever is easier for you.

Create your Outlook Profile on your new computer... close outlook, then search for Outlook.pst...  

Copy the your original .pst file from your source to the location of your outlook.pst on the new profile (overwrite the file)

Open up Outlook and you will have all your information.
Nick DennyCommented:
If you are getting an error message, this is usually because the .PST file is being locked by another program.

e.g. you may have sync software to a phone or pda.

You may have to close that down before attempting any backup.
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David LeeCommented:
Greetings, nyee84.

You didn't happen to mention what version of Outlook you are using.  If it's 2003, then this is an excellent tool for backing up PST files: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=8b081f3a-b7d0-4b16-b8af-5a6322f4fd01&DisplayLang=en

If you've backed up your PST file, and if your PST file contains everything you need, then you don't need to import anything.  You can simply overwrite your PST file with the backed-up copy if it becomes damaged.  If you only needed certain items from a backup copy, then you'd need to go the import route.


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