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I have  arraylist and I need to populate the arraylist in a jsp.I am using struts so I can use logic iterate of c:foreach  populating is not  a problem for me but you se that I need to accompany a radio buttom with the arraylist the populated field look like this:
      choice   student name     number    grade   accesscode
       x              alex               3434        a            wdswwe32

       x              adf                234          b            qwerwqre23
       x              sdv                2332        f             dfvdsfvdfs21

the choice is a radio button once I select the radio button I must carry the the corresponding row values to the form bean.I.e  the corresponding values are to be placed in the form bean.

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When u are populating your table using c:foreach, make sure the radiobuttons on each row all have the SAME NAME. but set the value to be equal to some uniq key in each row.. probably accesscode.
on page submission, the formbean that is returned by struts will have one property whose name = name of the radibutton and the value will be the accesscode, ull thus be able to know which row was clicked

            <td> <input type=radio  name="myRadio" value="<put-accesCode-here>"

(PS.. i think this is the second time ur posting this...)

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Hi nagaala,

Use <html:radio/> tag.

Another, crude approach is to use a hidden field for each of your table column and
when you select an option, populate them appropriately and submit.

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