Compression Information Mismatch Error 4886 1316 - Backup My PC from Stompsoft

We had our hard drive fail yesterday - May 3, 2006.  After restoring the operating system we assumed we had good backups with the Backup My PC software from Stompsoft.  I have 5 different DVD disks we rotate for every weekday.

When trying to use the restore wizard in the Software, we can create the entire file structure.  We see all the files showing their names, size and dates saved.  Once we try to restore we the the "Compression Infomration Mismatch Error" noted above.  I am unable to restore any files from any of the 5 DVDs.

I also went back to older Disks from a year ago - same problem.

We have sent the hard drive out to a recovery specialist who is working on reimaging the drive to save as many files as possible.

BUT - there has to be a way to get the backup files off the DVDs.  StompSoft is not responding to our calls for support.  We have received no help after 2 full days now.

Please help!!!
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