TWAIN broken on XP SP2

This is an Win XP SP2 that was installed a LaserJet 3030 in 2005; it worked fine, but at some point Twain stopped working. Scanning using Twain gave "There is no Twain-compliant device installed" error, but scanning through Windows Scanning Wizard (without Twain) works.

We completely uninstalled the LaserJet, and even deleted all Twain folders and files from the Windows folder (those get recreated) - but reinstalling didn't fix it.

Then, after another cleanup, we installed a Canon 9950F scanner. This one shows no source in the "Select Source" dialog, again like there is no Twain device.

How can we repair the broken TWAIN ?
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HAve ytou at some point installed a second scanning device on the system..

Reason being TWAIN is configured slightly diffrent by every manufacturer to optomise the working of their hardware

It some cases when you install a TWAIN device for Scanner A this can interfere with Scanner B
Usually its because your trying to use TWAIN(scanner A) on Scanner B

Make sence?

Make sure (if you have installed another scanner device) that you are using the TWAIN software that came with it.
campinasAuthor Commented:
Yes, it makes sense to me: there was a second scanning device on this machine.

However, we removed the Twain_32 folder, plus Twain_32.dll and Twain.dll before new install. But actually we didn't touch Twunk_16.exe and Twunk_32.exe. Maybe I should replace those with copies from the Windows install CD?

How can one use the Twain software of choice? I only can think of deleting all those Windows files above (is list complete?) and then installing the scanner software.
If you go into the properties of the Printer it should show a Advanced Tab, select it in there (probably called "Driver select")
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I said printer... doh!... I meant scanner
campinasAuthor Commented:
You mean Device Manager, Properties, Driver tab, Driver Update?

How could one install scanner A and scanner B on the same machnine? Or one is not supposed to? If scanners replace each other's Twain, is it a matter of luck for both to work?
I dont think is a matter of replacing the TWAIN more that the computer accpepts a default TWAIN driver that it uses on all scanners... I had problems with this once and found out this was the cause...

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