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Looking for a CMS that will work with a certain template

I wont to purchase this template

But i don't know how to adjust it to a CMS, in a simple way that wil eventualy make a fineal product that will look "exactly" like in the pic in the template ('exactly' in therms of desighning concept, not in text positions and pictures)

 how i can do that? by my self or by paying?
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Ben McNellyCommented:
Unless your pretty talented or a fast learner when it comes to code, I would say this more along the lines of a custom development project. However; There are simple CMS's like "wordpress" that are powerfull enough to do somthing like this, yet easy enough for non expert...

For example, by rearanging the tags, that load in the content, you could very well get this type of layout to work. As a general rule though, these types of templates are not very flexible and often dont hold together well. More for a one or to page site than a dynamic CMS driven site.

I would try my hand at reworking some of thesee to get a feel of what is involved...
-> http://www.templatemonster.com/free-templates.php

- Ben
samadeusAuthor Commented:
Ben Thanks for that,
but as far i was looking there in no theme that fits for a religious community (prefer a jewish one without a cross) like in the template i linked to above.

so i will stick to that template and wont to know if there is any cms that i could easly applay a religous template, and easly manage it.
i would need to see the underlying code & graphics to be able to better determine how well, or how easily, the template would adapt to use in a cms package, but as a general rule, most cms packages that do templates or themes, will accept (with varying degrees of work involved) most ready-made templates.

some cms packages have extremely complex and powerful templating systems, which can be a challenge to work with for someone new to the process, but on the other side, there are some fairly easy ones to work with too. cms made simple, mambo or joomla, website baker and snews are a few of the easier ones to do templates in that i've worked with. wordpress is just a bit more difficult to template in than those, but it could be done in it too.

you will need to know a bit about html & css in order to do the job. if you don't have the ability to do the conversion, you could hire someone who can do it, and perhaps set up the cms package as well. you may even find someone right there at the synagogue who will volunteer for the job (the churches in my town rely on their own members to do their web sites).

pick your cms first, based on it's merits as a web site management tool and how well it meets your needs, then worry about getting a template in it; whether it's this particular template or a different one.

mambo: www.mamboserver.com
joomla: www.joomla.org
cms made simple: www.cmsmadesimple.org
website baker: www.websitebaker.org
snews: www.solucija.com/home/snews
wordpress: www.wordpress.org

"test drive" these and many others at www.opensourcecms.com
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samadeusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for putting things in light (don't speak english well so..)

Do you know what is the range of price accepted for such a job?
fees for converting a template to a cms package would vary depending upon who was doing the work. and the range is pretty wide.. (in the us, it) could be as low as $15-20 an hour to as much as $75-100 an hour. and depending upon the work involved and the proficiency of the person doing the job, it could take an hour or two up to a whole day. i charge $40.00 an hour and have done similar conversions in 2-4 hrs...

now i cannot refer you to me per experts-exchange policy. you'll have to shop around. but if you go with an established cms package (wordpress, mambo, joomla, etc), you will find a user community, support forums, etc.. and in them you will find experienced people who offer their design services at fairly decent rates. and many hosting providers will set up a cms package for you or offer scripts in their online control panel where you can do it yourself with just a few clicks.
samadeusAuthor Commented:

I don't think it should be a problem to leave here my email becaous no one would do the job for free (or for points) here at EE. so as far as i see it's a part of the helping process that i expected from EE when i payed for it.


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