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Server Crash during File Transfers

Hi Guys,

Laast night i was making copies of large amounts of files on to external hard drives ready to put them onto tapes during the day today.

I was using:

Dell Poweredge 2800 Server: 4 X 3.8GHZ Xeon's, 6GB Ram (6 X 1GB), 5 X 146GB Hard Drives (Raid 0), USB2 Ports
Operating System: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise
Removable hard drive: Packard Bell Store and save 400 (400GB) USB2
User Acount: Domain administrator

When I was transfering files from the server to the external hard drive, every time i transfered over 1GB of data at a time, the server crashed and had to be rebooted... the only exception to this being our exchange server databased, which transfered easily.

I had to run nearly 300 seperate transfers in the end which left me working until 9pm when i should have left at 5.30.  Any ideas on how i can get the transfers to work???

I was doing a standard windows drag and drop, the hard drive had been freshly formatted and has been tried, tested and worked in the past.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated so i dont have to stay late tonight.

I have already checked event viewer and the only error message shown was that "explorer.exe terminated unexpectidly" and the event ID given basically ays the server had crashed and needed a reboot *talk about news flash*

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1 Solution

when you say crashed.... did it blue screen or just die in the (**&&)

running standard right now, what kind of cpu usage do you have
NAORCAuthor Commented:
7% CPU Useage with 24 users signed on and a tape being written

By crash, i mean that all the windows, start menu etc disappeared and all that was on the screen was my wallpaper... then it hung and after 15 mins still hadnt given me anything back.
if it happens again, can you bring up your task manager and see exactly what it is that hangs
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NAORCAuthor Commented:
no can do...  Have tried it.  Everything runs perfectly and then everything just instantly disappears and Ctrl+alt+delete doesnt work when the hang hapens.  Any ideas?
you could start some perfmon counters logging to file to see what happens to various parameters (memory, CPU, etc) when you start the transfer. Have you checked the event logs to see what happened at the time of the freeze? A workaround is t write a batch file and use something like robocopy to script the server to copy the files across in manageable chunks.
NAORCAuthor Commented:
I used your advice about batch files, and i managed to get everything done.  Thanks.

I since found out it was because the drive wat formatted to FAT

I know that it still shouldn't have kick up a fuss as ow as 1GB, but since upping the filesystem to NTFS this morning, all is good thanks,

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