Month end tape ask for a 2nd tape but not the daily and weekly on GFS


I'm using Arcserve version 9 with GFS enable scheme.

My daily and weekly tape goes witout any probleme but recently my montly backup is getting out of space so i need to use a 2nd media.

I tought that all back up where the same as they are supposed to be full back up not encremental or differential so i have no clue why it get'S out of space on mouth end only.

Can someone explain why?

is it because at mounth end it does something different like backing up the arcserve database?

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dovidmichelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes Full backup is a Full and no different if it is a daily, weekly, or monthly.

Each days backup should have a backup of the ARCserve database, this can be verified by looking at the either the job or main activity log. The backup of the database will show up as its own session and the source will be ARCserve Database.

Check either of the above two mentioned logs to see how many megabytes were written to tape for the different tapes.
This would be hard to answer, since we don't know how your backup is setup. It could be that the month end is backing up more data. Is your daily incremental and weekly a full?

Normally on a monthly you will have a full with no reset of archive bit. This will allow you to capture all data regardless of previous backups.

You may need a second tape to capture all the monthly data or you may need a larger capacity drive. This is your call.

Daily backups are in most cases an incremental, running the full on Sunday (also would require 2 tapes) this would reset the archive bit, Monday would be an incremental and backup only that which has the archive bit set, and Tuesday-Saturday would be the same.
This will also depend on your tape rotations and days of week selected.
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RosebelAuthor Commented:
It setup to GFS and full backup on all of them
Are you using new or used tapes for the monthlies? If used, it can be possible that the tape is somewhat degraded and just won't store as much data on it as usual. If the standard backups are already quite full, this would cause a 2nd tape to be necessary.
RosebelAuthor Commented:
the check box is not activate for the backup database daily
man, tough crowd, looks like I've just been waisting a lot of time here lately based off all the help offered and what little has been accepted
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