Disabling RSTP on certain ports on HP ProCurve Switches


I have a HP ProCurve Switch (3400cl) 24port and the 48port versions,

I currently have RSTP turned on, and working well.

I would like to only enable RSTP data on certain "uplink" ports that I have connected to other ProCurve Switches running RSTP.

Having put a Network analysier on the other edge ports (ones that connect to desktop machines), they are receving the STP packets from the switches.  

I want to keep the STP(R) packets only to the higher bandwidth uplink ports.

Is this possible ? I have played around with the settings, but still seem to get STP traffic on the ports.

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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
I don't recommend disabling spanning tree. The BPDU's are only 64 byte frames once every two seconds. The amount of bandwidth they're using is neglegible and the destination MAC address is a multicast address that end stations don't recognize.

If you were to disable spanning tree and someone accidentally mis-cabled, you could end up with a broadcast storm.

Don't worry about the bandwidth STP is using. If you want to, use things like portfast and BPDU Filter (or the HP equivilent) to improve things.

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