"Unable to allocate from the system nonpaged pool ..." on a SBS2003 server. Server becomes unavailable for users every night (Event ID 2019 and 8026 ?)

I am running a SBS2003-SP1 server.
About every night the server seems to hang at random time during the night. The server itself does not hang, but users are not able to login anymore and running sessions are disconnected.

The following error shows up in the System eventlog.
---- Begin event ID 2019 ---
Type Event:      Error
Source:            Srv
Category:            None
Event-id            2019
Description:      The server was unable to allocate from the system nonpaged pool because the pool was empty.
---- End event ID 2019 ---

Also I found more than 80.000 Event ID 8026 entries in the eventlog, like below:
---- Begin event ID 8026 ---
Type Event:      Error
Source:            MSExchangeAL
Category:            LDAP Operations
Event-id            8026
Description:      LDAP Bind was unsuccessful on directory <Server FQDN> for distinguished name ''. Directory returned error:[0x51] Server down.
---- End event ID 8026 ---
Microsoft says something about Receipient Updates Service (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;272552). We have tried that, but that did not lead to a solution.

Is there any relation between these Events? I am really stuck with this issue ... can anyone assist me??


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mickinoz2005Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Is this a new Server or did you do a migration?

What do you haved installed on the server other software wise.

What version of sbs do you have, service pack etc.

Have you got Exchange service pack 2 installed.

AnonymOzzAuthor Commented:
It is not a new server, but after a few months post initial installation we had to change the servername. I am not sure if these problems are related to the renaming of the server but I think it''s possible.

Further we have installed:
- Veritas BackupExec v10.0
- eTrust SCM r1.1
- eTrust Antivirus v7.1
All up2date with latest patches and updates

It is a SBS 2003 Standard Edition (Dutch) with SP1 completely installed (incl. SP2 for Exchange etc.) All patches and security fixes are installed.

mickinoz2005Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes definitely I would say that it has to do with the name change well at least the second error is.
You should check with all documentation on rename server in sbs to see if there is any troubleshooting for problems with that or a cleanup afterwards document.

The first one I have seen many times and is usually down to a kernel based driver, the page pool has a limited space which some drivers use if these drivers are corrupt or basically faulty they absorb the page pool to the point that it is full, the result exactly what you describe users cannot log in. Printing normally goes first then users get kicked out.

Check to see if you have any printers installed if possible remove them

Make sure you are using latest version of all software contact suppliers especially veritas (not sure but think v10 was around the symantec time) We had this problem with symantec and they had a symevent update that fixed it for us.

It was on their website.

The page pool is definitely being caused by a driver of some sort I would say. Can you disable services and reboot and then leave server to see if it is ok or not. You must disable completely and then reboot as this will refresh the pool.


Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
Although you can change a server name technically.  You will break most all of SBS's functionality by doing so.  You need to change it back or do a complete reinstallation.

AnonymOzzAuthor Commented:
Well ... I have contacted Microsoft Technical Support about this and they have analysed some PoolSnapSVC logs.
Turned out that some Microsoft drivers were bugging and hung the server.

Below the fix the suggested with the fixed files:


Windows Server 2003 with SP1, 32-bit versions
File name  File version  File size  Date  Time  Platform  SP requirement  Service branch  
Afd.sys  5.2.3790.2670  152,064  29-Mar-2006  05:04  x86  SP1  SP1QFE  
Http.sys  5.2.3790.2670  290,304  29-Mar-2006  05:04  x86  SP1  SP1QFE  
Ifmon.dll  5.2.3790.2670  137,728  29-Mar-2006  07:36  x86  SP1  SP1QFE  
Ndis.sys  5.2.3790.2670  212,480  29-Mar-2006  05:04  x86  SP1  SP1QFE  
Netbt.sys  5.2.3790.2670  179,712  29-Mar-2006  05:04  x86  SP1  SP1QFE  
Netsh.exe  5.2.3790.2670  86,528  29-Mar-2006  04:43  x86  SP1  SP1QFE  
Netstat.exe  5.2.3790.2670  36,352  29-Mar-2006  04:44  x86  SP1  SP1QFE  
Tcpip.sys  5.2.3790.2670  386,048  29-Mar-2006  05:04  x86  SP1  SP1QFE  
W03a2409.dll  5.2.3790.2670  24,064  29-Mar-2006  04:34  x86  SP1  SP1QFE  
Wshtcpip.dll  5.2.3790.2670  18,944  29-Mar-2006  07:36  x86  SP1  SP1QFE  

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