Computer will not start

I have a Micro ATX computer with an Aopen MX46 mother board running an Intel Chip of unknown speed in a 478 socket.

When you turn the computer on with everything properly connected the power light blinks and the power supply seems to shut down.  Checking the power supply with it disconnected from the motherboard, all the voltages are ok.   With all peripherals removed and drives disconnected when the power switch is pressed the power on light blinks and the power supply shuts down.  With the four wire, +12v connector removed the power stays on but obviously nothing else happens.

This seems to indicate a short in the motherboard or is it possible the cpu could be the problem?
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In addition to a bad motherboard as a possibility, you may have a bad power supply.  Correct voltages are not enough; you have to test them under a heavy load (which is where many will fail).  Swap the supply out to verify this.

You should also check if the cpu fan works and is connected to the motherboard cpu fan header.  Some motherboards shut down if they sense the cpu fan isn't working, to protect the cpu.

once again I agree with you..... I suspect the Power supply... swap it out.
you can also test with the minimum connected : mobo+cpu, 1 ram stick, video card. does it start then? then add devices , one by one.
Bobclark68Author Commented:
Final comment.  Swapped the power supply and things were the same.  Planning on replacing the motherboard....
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