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Motebook keeps dropping from Domain

I have notebook works fine on my Windows 2003 domain all day and then in the afternoon it drops from the network and i have to reboot to get it back on. Not sure why, logs on server show nothing out of the ordinary
1 Solution
What about the logs on the notebook?

There are a couple of easy things that you can check first. If it is a wired laptop (not wireless), it is possible that it could be your NIC. Try updating drivers or Windows update. It could be a bad cable as well. You may also want to change switch ports in case you have a faulty port.

If it is wireless, it the same principles apply. We I first implemented wireless in our invironment, we had issue with timing in the wireless NICs which eventually led to replacment of the NICs in 20 HP laptops. Winodws XP SP2 also has wireless enhancements that may correct dropped connections.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
One thought; check the power management setting for the network adapter/s, perhaps it is "going to sleep" and dropping the network connection.
Device manager | Network adapter | Properties | Power Management | un-check "Allow the computer to turn this device off to save power"
a couple of questions:

is the laptop assigned the IP address through DHCP? if that's the case, have you checked the time assigned before the lease expires?
If it is on DHCP, try and create a static entry and check if the same thing happens.

also, while RobWill's thought might be a possibility, it seems unlikely that it would take such a long time for the power management settings to kick in.
    Take care and keep us posted.
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
>>"seems unlikely that it would take such a long time for the power management settings to kick in."

I was assuming after lunch, a dormant period.
tkthelpdeskAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the great feedback. I will be there again in the morning. I do not have all the answers for you right now but he did tell me that it would sometimes drop while he is working on it. But I will check those settings. It is not wireless it is hard wired.

I will let you all know more tomorrow.

tkthelpdeskAuthor Commented:
I changed the power settings on the NIC and that seemed to work from what i can see. Thanks
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks tkthelpdesk,
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