Best Printers For 2003 Terminal Server

Anybody have any suggestions on printers for remote terminal server locations? We have the horrible HP Laserjet 1000's but they don't work so we're thinking about the new 1320 or 2420?

Any others that seem to work flawlessly? If that's even possible? haha...

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
>>"Best Printers For 2003 Terminal Server"
I find HP, but not USB printers, they can be a little flaky though they usually do work. If the drivers are not native to Windows, add on the server machine by  going to:
Printers and Faxes | File | Server Properties | Drivers | Add | point to the .inf driver file
Are you sure you have the most current RDP Client 5.2?  Since the LJ 1100 driver is built into Windows, I think I had to use it with the 1000 printer, but that it worked.

The best printers are the ones with drivers already built in to Windows.  So go to your server and pretend to add a printer and check HP or preferred brand drivers.

I see the 1100, the 1200, 2000, 2100, but don't know what you have.


CUBLA1Author Commented:
The printer maps or at least shows up, and sends the print job to the local machine but it sits there and errors out. The printer prints fine from the local machine...
Don't forget to doublecheck your RDP client ver.  Even if you did install, if you are using an old shortcut, it may be pointing to 5.1 version.  Open your client and check ABOUT.  
Rob WilliamsCommented:
CUBLA1, how have you been making out with your printers?
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