Reinstall Exchange 2003 after "setup /removeorg" has been done.

I am trying to triage an Exchange 2003 server situation. The previous administrator reformated the old Exchange 2003 server without properly decommisioning it and removing it correctly from AD! To make matters worse, he ran setup /removeorg.

I am having difficulty rebuilding this server n that I can't get past setup /forestprep.

This is a member server in the existing Domain. It will be the only Exchange server. The AD is on a Windows 2003 SP1 machine. The setup cd I have is Exchange 2003 Standard (not SP1). I have installed Windows 2003 R2 on this box and have also dowloaded Exchange SP2 to install after I get Exchange on the box.

I am logging in with an admin level password that has both enterprise admin and schema admin rights.

What happens when I run setup /forestprep from the E2K3 cd is that I get the following error:

"The component "Microsoft Exchange Forest Preparation" cannot be assigned the action "ForestPrep" because: - To install the first Exchange server in a domain, or to run setup in "ForestPrep" mode, you must first be an Exchange Full Administrator at the organization level. You must use an account that has been granted the Full Exchange Administrator role on the Exchange organization using the Exchange Administrative Delegation Wizard"

I can't do that unless I can run System Manageer and I can't do that untill Exchange is installed.

Suggestions please.......!!!
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open adsiedit.msc - expand configuration container - expand services - expand microsoft exchange - Delete the entry below it...and then try running setup /forestprep

do you see the old exchange org present in the AD

you can check that via

open adsiedit.msc
expand configuration container
expand services
expand microsoft exchange

what do have under it??
You receive an account permission error message and the setup /forestprep command is not successful in Exchange Server 2003
entre-tcvAuthor Commented:
I am sorry that I have been away for the day and very much appreciate the assistance given by all.

I awarded the points to Kunal because the answer was specific, gave the exact steps and worked perfectly!

Exchange is now up and working internally. Still have to get the zone file changed for appropriate MX records.

I certainly appreciate the help from all.
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