Error in installing oracle 10g on Window Server 2003

Hello, experts,

     I am trying to install Oracle 10g Release 1 on  Windon Server 2003. But in the middle of the installation, i got this error
"OS error in starting service OracleCSService".
    Could someone tell me what cause this error and how to fix it.

Thank you


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don't care 4 OCR, CSS errors.

Only if one is going to install Oracle Parallel Server ( 2 or more server, 1 shared disk area with the real datafiles), former oracle9i RAC,
well, for testing at home a RAC is an overkill.
With other words this feature need to have a cluster.

OCR - ignore them
CSS - go to services, change startup type of
OracleCSSservice to manual ---> reboot.
this is from, scroll to the bottom to see the same scenario you just met :

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