Veritas Backup Exec 10 Tapes moving between media sets

Im having a problem with media sets in Veritas Backup Exec 10 v5520, Tapes are moving about between the media sets, there is two tapes per media set and these can be split up into different media sets or both tapes move together.

This is not affecting the backup jobs from running.

Any Ideas what would cause this?

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David_FongConnect With a Mentor Commented:  might help. You must have run out of overwritable or appendable media in the target set if it's using media from another set.
If you have all media sets and tapes selected it will use whatever is online. (I forget the setting) but you can tell it to specifically use a specific media in a specific media set.
It is in the job setup.
sparrowhawkmediaAuthor Commented:

In the job setup i have the device set to "All Devices" and the media set is set to use the one i want it to. It is a tape library so has a bunch of tapes in there all the time.

sparrowhawkmediaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help, still having a problem though.

Have replaced all the weekday tapes as were fairly old anyway. The tapes are still moving about, the weekday tapes are set now to not overwrite for a week so the weekday tapes are staying in their media sets but pulling weekend tapes into them.

The week day tapes for last night only wrote 64k to each of them (2 tapes per media set) and then the backup completed on some weekend tapes, (the backup is small enough to fit on two tapes)

If i set a job to backup to a certain media set and run it during the day it works ok.

Any Ideas?
A weeks overwrite protection is wrong for a weekly rotation, it needs to be set to 6 days since the overwrite protect period starts *after* the backup completes. A tape that has a 4 hour backup on it with 7 days overwrite protection is protected for 7 days and 4 hours so won't be available for overwrite until 8 days time.
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