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Running into sub-process error doing subverison conversion from cvs on windows xp pro

I'm in the process of converting CVS to Subverison and when I run the cvs2svn program I get the following python error. Any thoughts? Do I actually need go into my code and change the pipe_cmd subprocess?

Begin Python error:

----- pass 8 -----
Starting Subversion Repository.
Starting Subversion r1 / 16
  New Directory trunk
  New Directory branches
  New Directory tags
Starting Subversion r2 / 16
Committing 212 CVSRevisions
  New Directory trunk/FMS
  New Directory trunk/FMS/server
  New Directory trunk/FMS/server/server_gui
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\cvs2svn-1.3.0\build\scripts-2.4\cvs2svn", line 4980, in ?
  File "C:\cvs2svn-1.3.0\build\scripts-2.4\cvs2svn", line 4974, in main
    convert(start_pass, end_pass)
  File "C:\cvs2svn-1.3.0\build\scripts-2.4\cvs2svn", line 4606, in convert
  File "C:\cvs2svn-1.3.0\build\scripts-2.4\cvs2svn", line 4492, in pass8
  File "C:\cvs2svn-1.3.0\build\scripts-2.4\cvs2svn", line 3401, in commit
  File "C:\cvs2svn-1.3.0\build\scripts-2.4\cvs2svn", line 3155, in _add_path
    self._invoke_delegates('add_path', SVNCommitItem(cvs_rev, 1))
  File "C:\cvs2svn-1.3.0\build\scripts-2.4\cvs2svn", line 3450, in _invoke_dele
    getattr(delegate, method)(*args)
  File "C:\cvs2svn-1.3.0\build\scripts-2.4\cvs2svn", line 3876, in add_path
    self._add_or_change_path(s_item, OP_ADD)
  File "C:\cvs2svn-1.3.0\build\scripts-2.4\cvs2svn", line 3808, in _add_or_chan
    pipe_cmd, pipe = get_co_pipe(c_rev)
  File "C:\cvs2svn-1.3.0\build\scripts-2.4\cvs2svn", line 384, in get_co_pipe
    pipe = SimplePopen(pipe_cmd, True)
  File "C:\cvs2svn-1.3.0\build\scripts-2.4\cvs2svn", line 83, in __init__
    stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=stderr)
  File "C:\Python24\lib\subprocess.py", line 542, in __init__
    errread, errwrite)
  File "C:\Python24\lib\subprocess.py", line 706, in _execute_child
WindowsError: [Errno 2] The system cannot find the file specified

END python error


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1 Solution
It looks like cvs2svn depends on an external program that you don't have.  Could you add the line:

    print "**** '" + pipe_cmd +"' ****"

in C:\cvs2svn-1.3.0\build\scripts-2.4\cvs2svn at line 384, before the line:

    pipe = SimplePopen(pipe_cmd, True)

and run it again?  That should tell us the command that it's trying to run.
Barton_DayAuthor Commented:
I spoke to a developer more experienced with this code that I am and we're going to look into your idea tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm pasting in the setup.py code that I initially compiled using python. Let me know if you see any problems. one thing I do notice is that the first line is based on a *nix machine....could this be a problem? Should we modify the code to reflect the correct paths in a Windows OS?

Begin setup.py code:
#! \usr\local\wbin\env python

import os
import sys
from distutils.core import setup

assert sys.version >= '2', "Install Python 2.0 or greater"

def get_version():
  "Return the version number listed in dist.sh, or None if can't find one."
  f = open('dist.sh')
  while 1:
    line = f.readline().strip()
    if line is None:
    if line.find("VERSION=") == 0:
      return line[8:]
  return None

    # Metadata.
    name = "cvs2svn",
    version = get_version(),
    description = "CVS-to-Subversion repository converter",
    author = "The cvs2svn Team",
    author_email = "<dev@cvs2svn.tigris.org>",
    url = "http://cvs2svn.tigris.org/",
    license = "Apache-style",
    # Data.
    packages = ["cvs2svn_rcsparse"],
    scripts = ["cvs2svn"]

End setup.py code

Thanks again,
Barton_DayAuthor Commented:
Sorry...the above code is from the .py file I modified......as a test...which did not work. The actual first line of code is as follows: #!/usr/bin/env python

Sorry for the confusion.

I don't think there's anything wrong with setup.py.  The #! line is ignored on Windows.
Barton_DayAuthor Commented:
Sorry for not getting back to this sooner....we opted for another route....thanks for the help RichieHindle!


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