Help Setting up and "INTRANET" ASP site

Hey Experts,

I would like to set up an internal website for my company. I know how to do the site, code, database and all that stuff. But I would like the site to be easily accessible on our internal network?

Here's the Setup
We have 2 servers
Domain Server: Windows 2000 (ADMIN) - DNS, DHCP, Active Directory......
File Server      :Windows 2003  (MAIN)   - File Store and IIS

Then we have 40 or so PC's that connecto to this network, they are not part of the domain they only connect through network neighborhood.

I would like to run an ASP.NET application on the 2003 (MAIN) server that people could navigate to through their web browser??? This is where I get stuck.
I can give people the location of the default.aspx page but as most of you know you can't use file open on an aspx page you have to navigate to a URL for it to parse propperly. FYI Both the ADMIN and MAIN server have static IP's

Also probably a question for another group but when I join a computer to the Domain it gives me a username of -, this suggests to me that I could maybe setup the website to be something like

Any thoughts or advice on these issues would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

If you all configure about your site complete then please check on the server it is running with name or not .

Server Side:

1. Configure site with IIS or your webserver
2. Configure DNS server and entries DNS record of that site.

 Like A record NS record WWW record.

Note: without DNS you didn't access your website.

Client side:

1. Open ethernet card and properties
2. Enter the DNS entries
 IN dns entries first you can enter the web server or DNS server ip of your local computer

IF does not work then you can temporory do it from the the follwoing


open with notepad

Enter your website ip and correspondece name

and the check

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