Display of Extended ASCII characters by Apache, how?

Hello!   Everyone,

When I moved my .html file from a Server to another Server which runs under FedoraCore Linux (I believe that WEB server is Apache), the text display changed.   All ASCII characters are fine, while characters with accents, cedieu, umraut, have the problem of proper display.   Since the .html text itself is the same one I uploaded to the two Servers, I think the problem is "Adjustment" of Apache Server.   Is it "httpd"?   Is there any adjustment in "httpd.conf" file.    

Thank you for your any suggestion!
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Most likely the default encoding on your old server was ISO-8851-1 (West European) while the new one is UTF8 - Unicode. This is controlled by AddDefaultCharset option in httpd.conf file.
mkidoAuthor Commented:
Dear m1tk4:

Yes, it was UTF8 (default Character Set) in the file of httpd.conf.   I changed it from UTF8 to ISO-8851-1, and restarted httpd.   Then, all West European characters appear as I want.   Thank you very much.
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