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i am looking into affiliate programes to help increase my rankings.

my site is for a UK based company but is hosted in the States.

therefore, my first query is - do i use a UK based affiliate programe or a USA based one (bearing in mind my site will not show up when doing a local uk google search)

also not knowing a lot about these - i do not want to join a program where i have to have loads of adverts for other sites on my site.

so in general i need some basic advice on what to do, where to base it and who i should use.

thanks in advance
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desertcitiesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Naifyboy,

"I want people to put a link to my site and i pay comission. I do not want to link to anyone."

If you want to have other websites put a link to your site on their website, you need to give them a reason to do this.  If you want to advertise yoursite, then it would make sense you used a PPC program, like Google Adwords or Yahoo's Overture.  

This way many other websites using the Google Adsense program, for example, both by Searching and Content and Site Matching, will advertise your PPC ads having a link back to your site.  Google is a bit more flexible and faster in having whatever ad you want to have listed in their Adwords program.

However, having PPC ads, or affiliate ads, does not necessarily mean your website will get a boost within the search engines themselves.  You will certainly get some traffic back to you as each person who clicks on your ad, wherever it is, will arrive at your site.  And hopefully you will have a reason to advertise your site.  For example, you have a product or service you want to tell others about and sell.  

Google will base whatever ads are displayed on the website's IP address and possibly also the country-specific domain name (cTLD).  In the Google Adword program you can specifiy also what targeted languages and countries you want "your" ads to be shown.  

Does this information help?

Good Luck!


Your website using Google or Overture PPC ads > 

I think that since the site is for a UK based company it's better to go for a UK based affiliate program. I don't think that the uk google search will search only for uk based sites)

Here is a site that may help you:

Also if write in google something like "Affiliate programs" you will get quite a lot of info.
naifyboy123Author Commented:
thanks for that...

having a site hosted in the usa means that uk google users don't see the site. that's fact unfortunately because google works on regional ip addresses.

everything i read about affiliate programs tells me about me putting links on my site and earning comission.

i dont want this - i want people to put a link to my site and i pay comission. i do not want to link to anyone.

can anyone else add something to this discussion

thanks again
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Do you want to say that for example if I am in Russia I will not see American based sites via Google?
naifyboy123Author Commented:
maybe i worded that slightly incorrectly. but here's a quote from Duz:

"Google uses IP geotargeting...."

anyway back to the subject.......................................affiliate programs?
I have no problem to find sites all over the world with Google so I really think this is not a problem you have to worry.

And about affiliate programs the way you look at them... You may pay for such a service directly to Google, Yahoo and so on and they'll show your site in their paid sections.
naifyboy123Author Commented:
that's pay per click or adsense - i am looking away from that at others
"i want people to put a link to my site and i pay comission"
so what is the difference here between the above and pay per click? Maybe it is pay per buy?
naifyboy123Author Commented:
there must be loads of other options out there other than these two - pay per buy would be better for me
you may look here:
duzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
naifyboy123 -

>here's a quote from Duz: "Google uses IP geotargeting...."

That is true and it applies to Google users. So if Google determines your query originates from a UK IP then it will (generally) use to display the results, if Google thinks your query originates from a German IP it will (generally) use etc., etc.

Therefore if your site is hosted in Germany and the domain is and it is in the German language the site will appear higher in the serps for a given user if Google determines that user is in Germany.

>my site is for a UK based company but is hosted in the States.

This is not a problem and almost everyone I know in the UK hosts in the US (because the service is good and the bandwidth is cheaper) unless they are a UK only business with a domain.

If you are business providing goods or services within the UK only, then you need to start a UK based affiliate program. Here is a resource where you can learn the basics or running an affiliate scheme in the UK

- duz

naifyboy123Author Commented:
thank you very much
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