Convert VB PDF merge function to VBA

Posted on 2006-05-03
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
There is a VB function/module to merge multiple PDF documents to a single PDF located at

The full source code is at:

And there is more before the "Private Sub ButtonCheckFileEncryption_Click()"
sucha as:
Object = "{F9043C88-F6F2-101A-A3C9-08002B2F49FB}#1.2#0"; "COMDLG32.OCX"
Begin VB.Form ep4proc
   BorderStyle     =   1  'ŒÅ’è(ŽÀü)
   Caption         =   "PDF Processor sample program (VB)"

We'd like to be able to convert it to an Access VBA function.
Question by:Jim P.
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    Expert Comment

    by:Leigh Purvis
    Hi Jim

    Were you looking at that source code in Notepad?
    That waffle between the ------'s just looks like a Form's source.

    The code itself looks alright - except for a need to reference the easyPdfSdk and a common dialog ActiveX (blurgh).

    Is there anything in particular that is failing once it's in Access?
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    Accepted Solution

    Adapting what they offer and getting rid of the Common dialog in preference of the goold ol'
    something like this?

    Function PDFMerge()

        Dim i As Long
        Dim files As New Collection
        Dim inFile1 As String
        Dim inFile2 As String
        Dim strFilter As String
        Dim strFile As String
        Dim oProcessor As Object 'BEPPROCLib.PDFProcessor
        ' For file merging
        MsgBox "Please select files to merge now." + vbLf + vbLf + _
               "There will be multiple file dialog coming up. Press cancel when finished.", vbOKOnly + vbInformation
        ' Accumulate PDF files until user cancels.
        strFilter = AddFilterItem(strFilter, "PDF Files (PDF)", "*.pdf")
        Do While (True)
            strFile = Nz(CommonFileOpenSave(, , strFilter, , , , "Select a PDF File to merge"))
            If Len(strFile) > 0 Then
                files.Add (strFile)
                Exit Do
            End If

        ' You need at least two files for appending
        If (files.Count < 2) Then
            If (files.Count = 1) Then
                MsgBox "You need at least two files for merging!", vbOKOnly + vbInformation
            End If
            Exit Function
        End If
        MsgBox "Now please specify where to save", vbOKOnly + vbInformation
        ' Ask for the destination file name
        strFile = Nz(CommonFileOpenSave(, , strFilter, , , , "Select a location to save", , False))
        If (Len(strFile) = 0) Then
            ' User didn't choose a save file location
            Exit Function
        End If

        DoCmd.Hourglass True
        On Error GoTo ButtonMergeFiles_Click_Err

        Set oProcessor = CreateObject("easyPdfSdk.PDFProcessor")
        ' Merge all files
        inFile1 = files(1)
        For i = 2 To files.Count
            inFile2 = files(i)
            Call oProcessor.Merge(inFile1, files(i), strFile)
            inFile1 = strFile
        Next i

        DoCmd.Hourglass False
        MsgBox "Done", vbOKOnly + vbInformation

        Set oProcessor = Nothing
        Exit Function
        DoCmd.Hourglass False

        MsgBox err.Description + " (" + CStr(err.Number) + ")", vbOKOnly + vbInformation
        Resume ButtonMergeFiles_Click_End

    End Function

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    Author Comment

    by:Jim P.
    From the programmer who actually implemented it:
    Great.  That works wonderfully :)  

    Thank you
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    Expert Comment

    by:Leigh Purvis
    He's welcome...
    May all his days get brighter and brighter ;-)

    (And yours too Jim :-)
    LVL 38

    Author Comment

    by:Jim P.

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