Disable keyboard shortcuts in the Flash authoring environment

I need to desabled the keyboard shortcuts that the Flash authoring environment uses for a custom UI I have created for a component. I need the enter key to act as the enter key in an input text field in my component inspector custom UI...since the Custom UI is opened in the authoring environment when you select my component on stage I guess the keyboard shorcuts apply to it as well...I know you can disable the keyboard shortcuts in test mode when you test the movie, but I cannot find the control options for the component inspector, if they even exist...maybe I just can't do this, but I can't even capture the ENTER key keypress when the movie is launched as the component inspector...any thoughts?
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GuicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It can't be done for sure.
Gennerally the best way to capture keypress is like this:
var myListener:Object = new Object();
myListener.onKeyDown = function () {
      if (Key.isDown(Key.ENTER)) {
            // do something;
      } else {
               // do something else

NOTE, there are certain keys that aren't captures such as Print Screen.
acekzAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input, but the question isn't about how to capture a keypress. I can do that. The question is about the enter key not adding lines in a text input field whent the flash movie is being used as a Custom UI for the component inspector for a component I created in the authoring environment...

in the authoring environment, there are certain keys (including the ENTER key) that are captured by the authoring envronment as shortcut keys...these environment captures override anything else so the enter key does not function as it does outside the authoring environment, hence my issue.

I need to find out a way to override these shortcut keys in my Custom UI or find out that it can't be done.
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ah, sorry.  Too tired today :)  I don't believe you can disable that aspect of the IDE, at least I'ver never come across anything that allows you to do so.
Aneesh ChopraCommented:
You can do it...

When u compile an FLA in authoring tool, Flash player runs the SWF in Flash authoring tool.

while running the SWF, check the menu "Control", it has a option in the last "Disable Keyboards Shortcuts", select it.

Now Flash authoring tool shortcuts will be disabled while viewing compiled output, and all keyboard events will reach to the swf.

acekzAuthor Commented:
You are correct that you can do it when you test the movie. HOWEVER, I am not trying to do this.

I have created a component that uses a Custom UI that I also created. The way this works is that I have created a .swf movie with inputs and drop-downs to replace the standard Component Instpector Interface.

When I drag my component to the stage or select one that is already on stage, the component launches my Custom UI .swf file as the interface for the component inspector. The deal is that it is launching the .swf, but it's not in test mode so the .swf is really part of the authoring environment and therefore the keyboard shortcuts are active for that .swf as well.

I cannot find a Control > Disable Keyboards Shortcuts option for Custom Interfaces used in the component inspector.

***Side note: If I test the movie that I have dropped my component into then click the Control > Disable Keyboards Shortcuts of the test movie the keyboard shortcuts ARE disabled for the authoring environment. SO, if I leave the test movie open, then move it around or re-size it to get to my component inspector, It will work as planned. HOWEVER, the point of creating a component is to make life easier for someone not as adept in Flash or to cut down time in creating reusable objects. This is not a user-friendly option at all and I can't use it.***

I guess what I am asking about just can't be done. Someone please advise if they know differently.

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