Outlook 2003 can't read text of Lotus notes emails

A particular company's email text is suddenly not showing up on the messages I recieve from them, but they were visible last week.

I use Outlook 2003 connected to my ISP.  No other emails from anyone else has any problems.

I've tested by using IE to connect via webmail and their email text is visible but then I poll my email acct and pull down the messages in Outlook 2003 and see nothing.  I've tried changing all the Outlook settings, HTML, richtext, plain text, etc. but to no avail.

When I searched the topic on EE, someone else had the same problem but the fix for them seems to have been their corporate IT group making MS Exchange Server fixes.  I'm just an individual, 1 person company and I can't do business with this group if I can't read their emails nor do I think I can go tell them to make any adjustments.

It is 500 points here because I'm in the middle of a $270k deal with them!!!

Please help.

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David LeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Based on what we know, my hypothesis is that this problem is a format issue.  The format Notes is sending must not be compatible with Outlook.  Outlook is then either ignoring or deleting it.  
Greetings, rmbarth !

1. Disable MS Word as editor.

2. View the email as Plain Text.  Sometimes Outlook HTML is not compatible with other email client HTML.

3. If still no joy, as a workaround, view the source code and see if you can view the test.

Best wishes!
rmbarthAuthor Commented:

No good.

I don't know how to view the source code.
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Changing the email format did allow you to view the text?

it is now possible to make Outlook 2003 display the full email source code, including HTML, MIME and Base64 encoding in the pop-up window that formerly only displayed the header information. This means it is possible to get the full header and body source code in one step for pasting in the webform box. This does not fix the problem of not being able to use the email submission system with a stock Outlook installation.

Follow the instructions on the Outlook Tips page for adding a registry key and value. Note that is "All", not "AII" in the parameter.

Once done, when you right-click on the message in the message list and choose "Options", the box with the "Internet Headers:" now contains the headers and full message source of the email body, which you can paste into the single-part form on the SpamCop reporting page.
David LeeCommented:
Greetings, rmbarth.

You can view the source of an HTML message by right-clicking in the message body and selecting View Source from the pop-up menu.  Are you using any Outlook add-ins, particularly anything that employs PGP?

rmbarthAuthor Commented:

Right clicking the message body brings up a window but the only options are "lookup, translate, font & paragraph".  I think this Lotus Note message is not an HTML message.  I right clicked messages from other senders/companies and your suggestion worked.  But I could already see all the text in thier message.  I'm not using any add-ins.  Infact, I've reset my entire Outlook to default.  Still can't read those messages.

My business deal in is jepoardy!!!!  Help!


Changing the email format did NOT allow me to view the text.

I'll try your outlook-tips but it apparently will not help with the existing messages, per this note on that web page:

Note: This works only on new mail received after you create the registry key. You won't be able to see the source on messages already downloaded.

My anxiety level is peaking!!  

What I can not decypher is "what changed from last week to this Monday?????   I was reading their messages fine last week.

I still need more help.


David LeeCommented:
Open one of these messages and look at the top of the message window.  Te message format is shown there.  It'll be HTML, Rich-Text, or Plain Text.
rmbarthAuthor Commented:
It says rich text.  No right click provides "source code".

I'm stuck.
David LeeCommented:
The right-click for source code only works when the item is in HTML format.  Since this is rich-text there is no source code to view.  Try this.  Click Tools->Options->Mail Format and place a check in the box to use Word to read Rich-Text formatted messages.  Save the change and open one of these messages.  Let us know what happens.
rmbarthAuthor Commented:
I did that before but will try again.

I fearfully I may be in a "if you've converted it to plan text, it can't be converted back" type of issue.

I just did it but to no avail.  That was my original setting on mail format.

It is just so strange that I could see the text via my web mail on Earthlink but when it can into Outlook I could not.

war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:

If Outlook cannot read the Lotus message, use Thunderbird email client.

rmbarthAuthor Commented:
No resolution.  OK to close.

Thanks to all those who offered support.

Can you explain what was wrong with the last two suggestions? Because they seem like a pretty good answer - explaining what is the problem and giving a workaround...
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