Best way to avoid having to change SMTP server settings

Working with POP3 accounts in Outlook 2003... no Exchange Server.  XP Pro

If a person stays on one providers network he can setup Outlook with the provider's outbound and inbound mail servers and send and receive all day.

If that person travels, he can receive on any network, but what is the best way to minimize/avoid the hassle of different SMTP server settings on each network.

I know GoDaddy offers SMTP relaying as an add on service for a nominal fee.
Comcast does not offer it.

I am just wondering what options the experts have found works best.

Things we have considered are: just using the VPN connection to stay on our providers network,
Shifting accounts over to GoDaddy or other provider who offers SMTP relaying (BTW, is SMTP relaying secure?)

Another thread mentioned using an SMTP server that was built into W2K, but I have been unable to find that feature on XP Pro.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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You will need to find a service who can relay email for you via another port. Look for TLS support if possible, as that runs over a standard port which most ISPs don't block.

I have used a number of services, including one from, but now have my own on my company dedicated web server.

David LeeCommented:
Greetings, Tomster2.

Sorry, but I don't understand.  Why would the SMTP settings changed based on where the person is physically?  My ISP is Earthlink and I can access my mail from anywhere without ever having to change anything.

Tomster2Author Commented:
BlueDevilFan - if you use dialup, you connect directly to your ISPs servers.  However, if you using broadband, and you are outside of your service area you end up going through a third party.   Although you can receive email anywhere you connect to the internet, the sending send is usually blocked by the local ISP as they do not want their SMTP servers doing work for someone else (i.e. someone who is not paying them.)

David LeeCommented:
I guess I still don't understand.  The address of your ISP's mail servers don't change based on where you're connecting from, or what network you are connecting over.  If you are connecting via a third-party network and they've blocked email access to your ISP's servers, then I don't see how changing the email server information is going to solve the problem.  Unless you are switching to a different mail system (i.e. relaying) or to the address of one of your ISP's mail server that aren't blocked.  I travel some and connect back to my mail server over a variety of different third-party networks and I never have to change anything mail wise.
Tomster2Author Commented:
Could be that Earthlink has relaying setup for its users.

Comcast does not.   They have a procedure on their website for the workaround but it is messy and has to be undone each time you return to the home area.

GoDaddy offers relaying for a modest fee, I am sure therer are others.   GoDaddy's relaying works fine - I have setup several clients with it.
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