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My Documents redirection to server - Can I stop syncing over VPN?

I've just used group policy to redirect the My Documents folder for all the users in my office. They generally are very large, 1-3GB, some a little larger. The users all use laptops and spend about 70% of their time on the road. Frequently, they have to use Microsoft VPN to connect to the office to get other documents. This was important, as the users never figured out how to save to the network drives, and I have to keep backups of their vital documents.

My issue is, with My Docs set to sync whenever it can contact the server, the syncing will never finish over VPN. It will choke the bandwidth out of the connection also.

Is there a way I can keep the folders from syncing if the bandwidth on the connection is less than, I dunno, 9MB???
1 Solution
Yes, you can set a group policy for "slow link"...

See this KB article for more information:  http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;227369&sd=tech

davefeeteAuthor Commented:
Thanks... Anybody know what throughput is considered a slow link???

Another client gets problems when making a VPN connection from overseas, My Documents starts to sync.

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