How to encode QueryString in ASP.NET 2.0 and decode in JSP?

After migrating to a ASP.NET 2.0 application I have to add a link to a legacy application written in Java.  Basically my app will use redirect to a login page with http://localsite/login.jsp?name=John&pwd=Hello.  I do not want to display credentials as clear text, what should be done in order to encrypt querystring in ASP.NET 2.0 and then deciphered on JSP page?
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1. Construct a string containing a user name and password.
     Dim str as string="user=John&pwd=Hello"

2. Encrypt this string with some string encription.

3. Pass the resulting string to java app
     Response.redirect("http://localsite/login.jsp?user=" & MyEcryptedString)

4. Decrypt that string at java app side, parse it into user name and password and check if credentials are valid...
Querystring is going to be visible whether you encode it or not so I'm not sure what you're asking?  You can encrypt 'John' to be 'H&y4Fv_9' but that isn't going to stop someone from copying 'H&y4Fv_9' and pasting it into a URL at a later date...

If you want to have credentials hidden then don't put them in the querystring!
TornadoVAuthor Commented:
Frodoman, I'm sorry for not being clear, it's an intranet app, I simply did not want to display user's credentials as clear text in their address bar.  I was looking for Convert.ToBase64String() equivalent in Java since I'm not proficient in it.  

I gave all points to Ramuncikas simply because I've implemented his suggestion even without looking at it first.

Thanks for your help guys!
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