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Using field values to create bar code

 Thank you for offering to put this question on experts exchange for me.  It’s driving me nuts!


            I have created a form in frontpage 2003 that collects information and forwards to a confirmation page.  On the confirmation page, I am pulling the values that the guest entered and displaying them on the screen by using proprietary frontpage method


Field 1   <!--webbot bot="ConfirmationField" S-Field="RecipientContact" -->

Field 2   <!--webbot bot="ConfirmationField" S-Field="RecipientName" -->

Field 3   <!--webbot bot="ConfirmationField" S-Field="RecipientPhone" -->

Field 4   <!--webbot bot="ConfirmationField" S-Field="RecipientAddress" -->


This works fine to display the field values but when I try to take the variables and add them all into an image call that generates a bar code, I can’t do it.  I obviously cannot take the whole <!—webbot bot=”confirmationfield”à code from above and insert it into my image call due to the fact that it is frontpage and I can’t add html comments into a link.  I need a way to just put the field values.


The image call is:  


http://myurl.com/mydoc.asp?RecipientName=fieldvalue&RecipientContact=fieldvalue&RecipientPhone=fieldvalue etc…


“fieldvalue” needs to be replaced with the user’s entered data for each field….  


My thoughts were to get rid of the frontpage code and use _javascript to process the form and then it would be easier to put the value of each field into the image string but I can’t seem to get the code right.  I would rather get the Frontpage code working right so that I don’t have to do that much more work to change it now.

Thanks for the help.
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nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
how are you building the link to begin with?  can you post more code to show how this is constructing.

this is something that needs to be done with a serverside script, such as asp.

marlindAuthor Commented:
I am building the link manually

<img src="http://www.myurl.com/mydoc.asp?RecipientName=fieldvalue&RecipientContact=fieldvalue&RecipientPhone=fieldvalue">

The problem lies in being able to take the frontpage value of the field and put it into that string where it belongs.  I obviously can't do it like this:

<img src="http://www.myurl.com/mydoc.asp?RecipientName=<!--webbot bot="ConfirmationField" S-Field="RecipientName"-->&RecipientContact=<!--webbot bot="ConfirmationField" S-Field="RecipientContact" -->&RecipientPhone=<!--webbot bot="ConfirmationField" S-Field="RecipientPhone" -->">

I was thinking that it could probably be done in javascript since there is a way to process forms with javascript.  Frontpage is nice for somethings but it seems like their proprietary code causes some major road blocks.

I just want to put the recipient name that the user typed in into the image call at the top.

Thank you
marlindAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answer and reply.
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