ACERPOWER F2 Shuts Itself down

I have an ACERPOWER F2, that is only 15 months old.  It works for 2 or 3 days sometimes longer.  Then, I can get up walk away and come back and the PC is turned off.  No apps were even running.

So, here is the basic troubleshooting I have done.

1.  Turned off as many apps as I can.
2.  Searched the event viewer for errors, and found none.
3.  Installed everest home edition for temp monitoring.  The system is set to shutdown at 203 F...this system stays at 118 F.
4.  Installed a cooling fan just in just dropped the temp by another 7 degrees.
5.  Changed out the memory with Kingston DDR 3200 and installed cooling shield on RAM.
6.  Checked power supply, and it never gets hot.
7.  Ran system with case open...all CPU fans running just fine.
8.  Replaced hard drive and then reinstalled OS via recovery CD, just so data wasn't damaged.
9.  Placed system on a bigger UPS and same situation.

Today, I was reinstalling ever thing and it just shut off!

So, that leaves me to the big 4...It's either the motherboard, CPU, CPU\CPU fan maybe needing thermal grease reapplied, or the actual power supply is bad and is just cutting out.

Any other ideas?

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maramomConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>or the actual power supply is bad and is just cutting out.
The power supply would be my best bet for the problem. The system comes with a 230w psu which is nominal power. It's probably been overtaxed and now failing. Faulty psu's can cause intermittent issues such as this.  It may, however, just not be able to handle the load.
Here's an online calculator to help you determine if you have enough power.
Try swapping it out with a known-good psu with enough power.
i agree with the above, but it can still be a motherboard / cpu issue.
Check which one you can replace more easily for testing
dgore1Author Commented:
Yup.  Gonna try a new PSU...first an ACER then a 300Watter..let you know.

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dgore1Author Commented:
Placed the PSU into the computer and put computer back to original setup.  currently running ACER BurnIn Tests version 4.0 and see how long machine can stay up.

Hopefully for good!!

dgore1Author Commented:
So long it's working...
Great... let's hope it continues!
dgore1Author Commented:
It was the power supply.
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