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Some slow, some not?


Win2k3 server on T1
2 nics, 1 external and 1 internal
nat enabled
isa enabled
is a domain controller
exchange enabled
all clients are XPsp2

We have 6 internal pcs connected on local segment.

Problem, is that some clients have trouble connecting to the internet while others with the exact same settings do not.  The ones that do connect hangs for 15-20 seconds every minute or so, and appears to be worse in firefox.  These pcs are members of the Workgroup workgroup and not the domain.  Their computer names were added to the DC's active directory.

What can I check?

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2 Solutions
Hi stanlyn,

their pc names were added in active directory?

did you actually join the computers to the domain?
stanlynAuthor Commented:
1. yes, the pcs names were added to the domains active directory

2. no, they were not joined to the domain, and it is important that many are not , because I work on clients computers that really do not belong to my domain.  When working on them, I frequently need access to the internet for updates and etc...  They can browse the domain controller shares and anything locally...

i think thats where you first issues are lying, i dont know enough about ISA yet to know how it treats machines that arent part of a domain environment, your issue also may be coming from DNS settings how does that work in your environment?
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stanlynAuthor Commented:
Any other ideas as this problem persists...

I have since removed the isa application in an attempt to fix, still no dice.  

The win2k3 server has no connection issues to the internet or anywhere else.
On each of the xp workstations, I use a non-conflicting static ip address, 192.168.0.X with the gateway being which is the win2k3 server, which has the external interface nic card.  This server has nating turned on via RRAS.

Any Ideas?
what abt dns ?

Do the machine have their dns address to query or do they query the server for the same ?

It helps adding the dns address to the WKs
stanlynAuthor Commented:
The workstation's dns is set to the w2k3 server which is a dns server, and if it cannot be resolved there, the w2k3 forwards it to the isp's dns.

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