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I can't connect to Windows Server 2003 domain with windows xp Professional

Posted on 2006-05-03
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
When i try to get connected to my server i get this message on my Windows Xp Professional machine. Any thoughts

The following error occurred when DNS was queried for the service location (SRV) resource record used to locate a domain controller for domain MARQUIS.LOCAL:

The error was: "This operation returned because the timeout period expired."
(error code 0x000005B4 ERROR_TIMEOUT)

The query was for the SRV record for _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.MARQUIS.LOCAL

The DNS servers used by this computer for name resolution are not responding. This computer is configured to use DNS servers with the following IP addresses:

Verify that this computer is connected to the network, that these are the correct DNS server IP addresses, and that at least one of the DNS servers is running.

For more information on how to correct this problem, click Help.
Question by:marquisrh
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Expert Comment

ID: 16601983
What is the DNS setting on the XP workstation?  I hope it's not

If you're giving that out in DHCP then you need to change it to the correct servername or IP.


Assisted Solution

isd503 earned 300 total points
ID: 16602464
Do you have the Windows 2003 server and XP workstation on your home network?  If so, do you have a router deployed between your machines and the Internet (your ISP)?

Typically, your ISP will issue a DHCP address to your cable or DSL router.  Your cable or DSL router will issue a DHCP address to the WAN side of your router.  You can configure the router to issue DHCP addresses to all the machines connected to it.  The default gateway for those machines should be the IP address you statically assigned (internal, NOT WAN interface) to the router:

Router: - IP - SNM - ISP assigned to WAN interface

Server: - IP assigned via DHCP - SNM assigned via DHCP - DG assigned via DHCP

Workstation: - IP assigned via DHCP - SNM assigned via DHCP - DG assigned via DHCP

I would avoid pointing a DNS server to itself (i.e. using the loopback interface

Author Comment

ID: 16604426
This is what I have: I was using Windows XP Home computers connected together in a peer to peer workgroup. I bought a new dell server with Windows Server 2003. Because I was told that I couldn't connect to the server domain without have XP pro I went out and bout xp pro upgrades for my workstations. I currently have one of the workstations upgraded to xp pro and was trying to configure it to connect to the server. My network has a router and I assign static IP's to all computers in workgroup.
all computers are through
I assigned the server network card an address of
I reserved for my sonic wall firewall which is currently not connected.
I have been managing my office network since we started business and was told that I needed the new server to setup our new software package on. I believe the software company was going to run the server in a workgroup. It was suggested here to setup a domain so I bought XP Pro to upgrade most of my computers and will finish the rest as I can afford it. As far as the addressing I can change it all to reflect the 192.168.0.XXX configuration that I have seen in some of the post here. Any help and suggestion would be greatly appreciated.  
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Accepted Solution

Netman66 earned 600 total points
ID: 16605195
Your IP assignment is fine.

Make sure that DNS on each workstation is set to and the gateway will be the router -

To use the firewall and router then each will need to be on a separate network.

Depending on whether the router connects to the ISP or the firewall it will change the IPs slightly.  What device connects to the ISP?


Assisted Solution

SkUllbloCk earned 600 total points
ID: 16605458
Hi marquisrh

The error message you received, was that on the server or on the xp system?

1. Your server should have dns installed on it (this is done during the dcpromo stage).
  You would have been prompted if you wanted to setup DNS on the server, or asked if you wanted to configure it later.

2. Your client machines (XP Pro) should have the primary dns entires in the TCP/IP[ properties set to the Ip of the server (

3. MS dns cache can also sometimes cause an issue with resolving DNS Names timeously.. the chances of this though, are very unlikely.

Author Comment

ID: 16607755
I tried several more times and figured that it must be something to do with the server so I demoted what i had and started over. Everything had a green check next to it except: Assign DNS Follower : had a red - next to it. I looked at the log and it said that the dns forwarder could not be installed. Could someone walk me through that step. Also the DHCP Scope was set to to My current setup uses 192.168.168.xxx ranges. When i tried to change them it wouldn't let me. any thoughts

Expert Comment

ID: 16615565
what version of server 2003 are you using?
is it SBS (Small Business Server)?

Expert Comment

ID: 16615589
also marquisrh, dont assing as the dns server
When installing the server, asign it as the 192.168.xxx.xxx Ip address of the server. (replace xxx.xxx with the correct values)

Author Comment

ID: 16618065
As stated in an earlier post, everything on the domain loaded up right with the exception of one item. That item was Assign DNS forwarder: Because of this I removed the DNS Server and then reloaded it manually. To do this I went the the following steps
I selected the following
- Create a forward lookup zone
- This server maintains the zone
- It the ask for Zone Name: I named this the same as my domain name
- I then selected  Allow both nonsecure and secure dymanic updates
- It then said should this DNS server forward queries
  For this i selected Yes it should forward queries to DNS servers with the following ip address
  For this I put in the an ip address of
- I got a message that you have successfully completed configured a DNS server wizard

It showed the following setting
DNS Server to configure: Server
Forward lookup zone: Marquis
IP address of forwarder:

I then hit finish.
I got the following message after hitting finish
The configure a DNS server could not configure root hints. To configure root hints manually or copy them from another server, in the server properties, select the root hints tab
The forward lookup zones cannot be added to the server. The zone already exist.

Could this be my problem.
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Expert Comment

ID: 16618139
The Forwarder is the ISP's DNS server IP.


Author Comment

ID: 16622968
I got my domain working today but oddly enough I got it differently then I thought I would. I discovered that the dns was looking at my 2nd network jack that wasn't plugged in. I chnaged the address on it to reflect how my workstation was setup and it worked. I have no idea who I should give my points to and would appreciate any thoughts you might have. I still have some more question but i'll look through the search before I post them. They are mainly about sharing folders and permissions. Thanks all who helped me and I will wait for an answer to who I should award my points to

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