Outlook Foms in Remedy

I have a "template" that was given to me to allow a user to fill out and submit to our Remedy system. This is what I've been given without any other information. Stuff is definately missing.

Has anyone set up a form in outlook to be filled out and submitted to an AR Remedy system? Thanks!

#Domain Help Desk Request Submission Form
#AR-Message-Begin                  Do Not Delete This Line
      Requestor Name + !536870914!:
      Phone No. !534470914!:
      Service Type !544870926!:
      Application !544870929!:
      Call Description !556870933!:
      Call In Date/Time + !55687068!:
      Email Address !536870977!:
      Unit No. !536870987!:
      Site Name !64400001!:
      Location !644000002!:
      #AR-Message-End            Do Not Delete This Line
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David LeeCommented:
Hi Ponthecomputer,

I don't know what this is, but it doesn't look like any Outlook form I've ever seen.

first time I've ever heard of Remedy being used this way <grin>.

I am more accustom to Remedy using the email system as a vehicle to notify the customer about the status of an issue.  If the above is suppose to be an example of an input form; I would think that this is mis-represented.    The form looks more like the skeleton of something else.  Only thing; if its not an issue, would be to send the form back with some sort of question like, "how do I describe the problem?"
Besides with any helpdesk program; you need helpdesk people to take and triage the problem, which to me means you are not creating and routing a ticket, especially something as vague as this.

PonthecomputerAuthor Commented:
I'm new to Remedy and found that your comments back up what I discovered. There is a form built into remedy available to users online ad that's what they should use if they want users to initiate their own tickets which is not a great idea. I think that there was some sort of hope that they could take some sort of remedy template and use it as an outlook form. Anyway, thanks again. -Paresh
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