Ghost 10 Restored Image Will Not Boot

Ghost 10 Restored Image Will Not Boot

Created an image of the old OS.

Upgraded a machine to Windows XP.  Performed the upgrade.  Removed an IDE drive from a PC and inserted into a USB-adapter.  Plugged into a box running Ghost 10.  Created image and verified.  Image was good.

Restored original image to the same drive to check some old settings.  Worked fine.  Booted.

Restore the new XP image to the same drive and it will not boot.  The following error keeps showing in the log:

Description: Error EC8F17D4: Cannot update the job, "Recovery point of L:\", from a previous version. Please edit the job and reselect the source drives.
Details: The parameter is incorrect.

Source: Norton Ghost

Files are there, fdisk /mbr did not work, checkdisk was good, norton disk doctor said no problems.

I know all about how to use Ghost 2003.  Is there a way to make the disk bootable?
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Expert4XPConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I can't tell for sure without seeing your boot.ini file, but this is what I think happened:

Originally you had two partitions.  Your backed-up image boot.ini is pointing to the second partition position and that's why it won't boot, because boot.ini is pointing to the wrong partition to boot.

Here is MY boot.ini
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn

Note that mine says partition(1)

If you:
Put your new disk back in.
Boot from the Ghost 10 Recovery CD
Go to Utilites
Look for Edit boot.ini utility

Verify that it looks similar to mine above.  In particular, make sure it does NOT say partition(2) anywhere.

Hope this helps.  Let me know if this does or doesn't fix it.
agurcsikAuthor Commented:
Also, restore to another drive also will not boot.
Most probably the image you created has got corrupted.
Check the link below if this is of any help to you:

Also check if your source USB drive is good.
Free Tool: ZipGrep

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Not sure what you mean : did you put the image from one PC on another?
Is it the same model of pc? same hardware?
Files are there, fdisk /mbr did not work,
>>>the boot string don't reside in the mbr

I know all about how to use Ghost 2003.  Is there a way to make the disk bootable?
>>>so, you'll know that in default setting of Ghost, it saves only OS data, not partition record.
so, if you change the hard disk you first need to run a partition program, partition the same like the source were partitioned if possible, make partition bootable, and restore the ghost image on it.

If you created other than drive c: image, when you restore, you also need to restore c: partition, (because it contain XP loader for example.)
Also restoration must be done on the same or identical computer.

An important clue, as you logically exposed your question:
find Ghost 8 the one that's made also for dos and can be run in windows as well, even very well :)
run it and use it!
Use the default settings and take care of what i said or:
enter Options/Image... and select Image Boot, if problems again, select Image Disk that clones 100% the hard disk.
I recommend default setting, you have some advantages there even the restoration is not identical.
agurcsikAuthor Commented:

Same hardware.  I ghosted the original, then upgraded the os to xp and ghosted new image.  Restored original image to check some setttings.  Restored new xp image to drive, but did not boot.
when does that error show?
Is your hard drive that you Ghosted only ONE partition?  Just wondered if you have a boot.ini pointer problem.  Can you copy/paste your c:\boot.ini here.

Some pc's have another small hidden partition on the hard drive that can complicate using Ghost 10.  Basically you have to copy ALL partitions or else modify the boot.ini file if you later restore.  Fortunately there is a Edit boot.ini utility on the Ghost 10 boot cd.
To see the boot.ini file you may have to change Windows Explorer option: Tools/Folder Options/View/ check Show hidden files and folders and uncheck hide protected operating system files.

Also, on your current system from which you made the image and now restored the original image, What does it show in Disk Management for partitions?
My Computer/Manage/Disk Management

Only one c: drive or multiple partitions?
agurcsikAuthor Commented:
Yes, one partition.  I deleted the two old partitions and created one new partition before the xp install.

boot.ini existed and was good.
Forgot to say it, but once in Edit boot.ini utility, change it to partition(1) if that is the problem.
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