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I'm trying to setup TLS for a specific domain and seem to have run into a couple of problems. I've installed a cert on the server (self signed not from a CA) when I connect via telnet I see:


So I know it'll handle TLS (I think). I then created a SMTP Connector for the specific domain that I want to send TLS mail to and set the requires TLS in the Outboud securiy tab. On the receving computer I followed the same procedure, installed a cert (self signed once again) and tested the Virtual server. From what I can tell everything is setup properly.

When I send a message to that domain I can see the message in the ougoing queue sitting in a retry state, if I delete the message with an NDR I get the following message:

This message was rejected due to the current administrative policy by the destination server.  Please retry at a later time.  If that fails, contact your system administrator.

Am I missing something? Are there any other settings I need to look at? Since I'm going over the internet do I need to have certs that are signed by a trusted CA?

thanx for the help
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As you are using self signed certificates, have you installed the certificate on the other server?
TLS, like all SSL traffic works on a basis of trust. If you are using a certificate that is not trusted by the sending server then the system will fail.

Ideally you should be using a purchased SSL certificate. I use RapidSSL for my certificate deployments and it works very well. The same certificate can be used for OWA, OMA, EAS, RPC over HTTPS, TLS etc. You just have to ensure that the common name is the same name that you are using to address the server, or get a wildcard certificate.

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