old employee, new problems.

I would like to know if there is a software out there that I can use to capture the files that an old employee copied or used.

I am suspecious of an old ex-employee that  took with him a part of our database of members (customers).   I have had people come to me telling me that "john doe" has been offering services to the same clients in my database.  I need to have prove of this... how can i find out, please help.

I can not look in the hard-drive because the computer was junked because of a recent migration, the mailbox was deleted... I also posted the question in the MISC tab.... what can i do?
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If auditing had been turned on you might be able to see somethings, but really, if he worked for you I don't know how you'd prove they were illegitimate activities and as said, unless you have a non-compete with him, it is perfectly legal for him to pursue any clients he knows of.
This is very 'grey'land the only thing which might work is checking the logs of the database but that won't help really. the other thing you can try is looking in the old directories owned by that Person...

However all this isn't really reliable. So you probably can not do anything about it really.


You're other alternative would be to check with HR if this individual signed a non-compete agreement with the company and if so, sue him.

slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
as SStory  said:  If you didn't have your systems set up to 'audit' access then I don't think you can get what you need.  Even if you had audit records showing access, unless his job duties didn't require access to those records you probably couldn't prove anything.

If he didn't have a non-disclosure agreement, I'm not sure you can go after his 'memory'.  He could have a very good memory and just remember names he's seen in the past.  Now, if you could prove he said something like: "I know you are paying X dollars to company Y and I can beat that" you might have grounds but I'm not a lawyer.  
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