Windows Login Popup after Novell Client Login

Hey all, im having an issue figuring out how to get past this issue:

Software on machines:
Window XP Pro
ZenWorks 7 for desktop
Client 4.91 SP1
Roaming Profiles (cause of hot desking)

When users log in after a different user has used that machine, a windows popup box comes up asking for a user and password.

We would like to bypass this or have windows already know the user password, etc

Thanks for help in advance
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CetusMODConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Have you created the User Policy for the roaming profiles and associated it already with the users (or their group, or container...) ?

Is the workstation correctly registered in eDirectory?
Oh, and have you enabled DLU (dynamic local user)?
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You might want to re-read these:

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Are they logging in using the "log in as a different user" windoze Start menu option or by using the client32 login dialog, and not doing a shutdown/restart at all by any chance?
webber4Author Commented:
they are using the client32 login dialog. basically log off, then log back in as different user, then the windows popup comes up asking for a user & password (which is re-entered as the same as the novell login, from zenworks profiles)

yes the User policy has been created for all the Users.
how do you mean by: 'Is the workstation correctly registered in eDirectory?'
DLU is enabled
The workstation needs to be registered before the Zen Agent workstation manager service can do anything much useful.

It will try to register with dns name zenwsimport on startup. If you have a correctly configured server policy associated with the server that zenwsimport points to, and the workstation import service is running, then it will import automatically. If that's not the case you might find policies simply don't work as the workstation doesn't "have permission" to implement them.
webber4Author Commented:
Ah yes! the machines are registered, thanks for clearing that up

My co-worker, says that there might be a User Policy issue there under the container, and we are looking into it, will reply with some results of the finding
You also should set the Novell Client Properties, Advanced Settings tab, Workstation Manager Login Events to "On."

It defaults to "Off" so a login to a new user with the Novell Client login dialog won't signal ZEN that a login event occurred, so the workstation manager won't do its thing and refresh the policies.
webber4Author Commented:
I have gone thru and found a solution:

Its a registry setting:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

Does that "stick?"  Seems kinda kludgy to me, but that's our  Microsoft...;)

Did you try my client setting suggestion, for Workstation Manager Login Events?  

If  you do a Windows "Start, Shut down, Restart" and log in fresh, does it work properly (without your registry hack, that is?)  If  so, then the Workstation Manager Login Events set to ON should work, too, because it should  force a refresh of ZEN policies at login using the red "N" NetWare Login option or by logging off with the Windoze "Start, Shut down, Log off  <user>" and logging back in.

You see, the Workstation Manager is left running in the background if you do a "log off <user>" so it doesn't see a new login event.   The "log off <user>" doesn't refresh all services like a reboot does. That's the reason for the setting in the client.

It's been  my experience that it's always best, when changing users on a Windows NT-based system (NT/2K/XP/2K3) to reboot, not just "log off," because it doesn't clean up everything.  It's faster to just "log off," sure, but the reason it's faster is that it leaves things loaded, not all of which are good to leave loaded.
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