Displaying TabControl Tab Images with XP Themes

Hi, I'm using a plain TablControl with Win32, using XP Themes. I'm placing 16x16 icon images in the tab title of the control pages (not using owner draw - just using the API). It appears that the tab control changes the color/transparency of the image, rather than just using the transparency of the icon supplied. So, then the title has a gradient fill, lighter images become mostly transparent, whereas dark images seem to work better almost as well as when I'm drawing them in another window myself. Is anyone aware of an option to allow the images to be displayed properly? (Note: I'm actually using the Win32 API, rather than MFC, but this seemed like the nearest forum).
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ZorroWinterAuthor Commented:
OK, the first example uses bitmaps without XP Themes. I have already been able to get this working using plain bitmaps and an image list. The second relates to XP Themes failing to draw tab controls properly - I don't need to swap the orientation of the tab controls.
I need to understand why the image list with 16x16 icons don't seem to paint properly using XP Themes (which have gradient fills underneath the icons, so I can't use a bitmap).
ZorroWinterAuthor Commented:
The answer is: we needed to set the IlcColor32 flag explicitly on the image list, when it was first created. Otherwise, it seems to mess with the images set into the controls.
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