Undo transactions using the transaction logs

Dear experts,

We are running some system on a sql database with hundreds of tables. One of the staff members ran an end-of-month business process on the database using wrong parameters last Sunday. The mistake was only realised yesterday morning when customers started complaining about errors in there profiles. What we need to do now is to try and revert back to the database state as of end of day on Saturday using transaction logs i.e. just before the end-of-month process was run. Take note that we don't have Saturday's backup; we only have backups that were created after the mistake hence we cannot restore an earlier database.

We have tried to use the 3rd party applications "SQL Backup Rescue" and "Apex SQL Log" but both applications can only reverse additions and deletions ("INSERT" and "DELETE") but not updates; On updates, they both report that they "cannot reconstruct the re-do or un-do queries" for all but a few updates. We suspect these updates were performed using bulk queries as some of them show the same "Begin Time".

Any ideas are most welcome;

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Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Can you try Lumigent Log Explorer ..
Is the recovery model set to 'Full'?

If so then it may be possible to do a 'point in time' restore (though I have never done one myself)

Do you have ~any~ backups from prior to the change?
bmatumburaAuthor Commented:
Hi nmcdermaid,

unfortunately, the recovery model is set to "Bul-Logged" and there are no backups prior to the change.
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