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Permission issue


I'm looking at a study guide

A shared folder is creasted in a server.
When a user tries to copy a file to the share folder she gets an Access Denied error message.

Her Effective permissions for the share folder show everything has a check except Full control and Delete subfolders and Files.

The options they give are:-
a) Allow Full control NTFS permissions to the Anonymous group for the share folder
b) Allow the Change share permission to the Anonymous group for the share folder
c) Tell the user to log off and back on
d) Enable file and print sharing

They say it's (c). Why is this ?

I thought it would be a case of allowing change for that user in share permissions. But as thats not an option im a bit confused.

I would have chosen (b), but im guessing allowing Anonymous users change is not secure.

Or could it even be (d) ?
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1 Solution
Leon FesterIT Project Change ManagerCommented:
The only time that I can think of when you would use the solution offered above is when:
The user has been included into a newly created security group and that group has been given the permissions to the folder. The reason being, when the user initially logged on she was not part of the group and hence her security token is not recognised. After she logs off and on again her security token is updated with the new group membership.

Considering that Microsoft recommended that you only assign permissions to the group, and not add users directly to the permissions...It does then make sense that the answer is correct as stated.
LFC1980Author Commented:
Yeah, thats the only explanation i could think of for that answer. But as there is nothing in the question that says its a new group or anything, thats why i was unsure.


Leon FesterIT Project Change ManagerCommented:
If it's an Microsoft exam you're taking then you've got 2 think like them. Also assume that the environment is a textbook installation, as per Microsoft's recommendations!

I know I came short on NT Server 3.51 exams 'cos of that. Took me a long time to get over it! I didn't make that exam by 2%. all 'cos I didn't think like Microsoft and partially 'cos of a 12% for troubleshooting...remember they also want...the MOST correct answer. F*&#^%R$!
LFC1980Author Commented:
Yeah i know what you mean "there's the best way, then there's the Microsoft way"

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