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I had recently had to do a scrap and burn on my Secondary DC (which is Win 2k SP4 Server) b/c restored an image of itself onto larger hard drives. The PDC Emulator is Win 2003 SP1 Server. When I did the DCPromo, I mistakenly forgot to put the Win2k server disk in. It promoted to a DC but the Active Directory tools did not install on the server. I have verified that it is replicating with the PDC. How do I get the tools installed on this without havnig to depromote and repromote again? I am sure there has to be a way.

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Redwulf__53Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Nah when you are re-promoting a machine, it will prompt for files from the CD. Trihimbulus apperantly cancelled those, therefore didn't get shortcuts for the AD tools in Administrative Tools.
Hi Trihimbulus,

what do you mean the AD tools didnt install? are you talking about the admin tools????

just right click your start menu and click properties - customise - show admin tools

run dsa.msc to make sure AD console is there
Easier: start->run->adminpak.msi->enter.
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you will also want to make sure use the adminpak.msi from the 2003 CD, or download it from MS.

In addition, be sure to install suptools.msi also on the CD. This includes several additional tools and utilities that are very usefull.

Good Luck,

the method I described installs the adminpak.msi that is in the windows\system32 folder. This version is always the correct one corresponding to the service pack level of the server. Installing from the cdrom is not recommended, unless it's at the same service pack level.
my point that i made is that you dont get AD db and not AD tools   its all or none, i was just wondering exactly what was meant - does this not seem strange to anyone else ???
ah that i have never seen before, i always had to admin tools installed with a promote or a repromote, they were always there

Kudos to you though :)
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