FollowHyperlink - blind login not working

I have an external web application I'd like to lauch from within my Access application.  The 3rd-party provider gave me the URL string for a blind login.


The URL works just fine when I paste into a browser or when attached to a desktop shortcut.

Problem:  When I attempt to launch from MSAccess using FollowHyperlink, I get to the correct page, but the user info is not being passed correcty to complete the blind login correctly.  I get a "session expired" msg at the web app.

Is there another way to launch an external browser to a known URL from within MSAccess??



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CetusMODConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Try creating a form and use the insert hyper link (ctrl+K) to create the required link. you should be able to pass the user id and password as part of the command.

The other method you mentioned earlier about the folow hyperlink, have you retried to refresh the session? if theis works then you could add the appropriate code to where you have the followhyperlink statement.

markp99Author Commented:
Hi Rohit,

Good idea to use the hyperlink approach instead of a button.  Unfortunately, I get the same issue.  The blind login is not successful.

I am guessing that the ampersand (&) in the URL string may be a culprit, but I am not sure.
if that is the case , and I am guessing try this :

"" ie putting the address in quotes or

=""&"&"&"password=user002"&"&"&"op=login" which is effectively putting the ampersand in quotes and therefore treated as text and not as a concatentator


markp99Author Commented:
No luck.

I have resorted to using an embedded browser within my Access app.  The same URL string works just fine with .Navigate.

I was initially concerned about the fixed window size of the embedded browse and the need to provide even the most rudimentary web controls, but it looks like this should work.

Strange issue on the external browser.

Thanks for you assistance.
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