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When i am opening my application to checking for updates...

Hello experts!

I want when i am opening my application to connecting to my website ( http://example.com ) and checking for updates of the application and if they have a new version to downloading and installing alone .. by the way i am newbie at vb6.0 can you please explain me what i should do ? step by step will help thanks!
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Have a look at http://www.vbip.com/itc/itc-binary-download-01.asp where's theres a step-by-step description of using VBs Inet control along with a download containing a few sample VB6 projects which can be stepped through to better understand the concepts.

hope that helps,

If you don't want to use a control then you can use API this makes your application smaller and 1 less dependency. What you do is essentially create a dummy file and upload it to your server. The contents of the file might be something like this.



What you can do then is directly read the file on the webserver for the version and compare its version with the users current version, if the version in the update.personality file is greater than the version there using then proceed to download the update.
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