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Hello experts, I am trying to show a webpage on a winform, basically I want the user to click a button, which will open up a new winform and show a web page on it.  I will pass the url to the new form when the user clicks the button.  How can this work?  What type of control would I need to show the webpage, and what references would I need?

I am already doing a process.start('url here'), but I want the winform to contain the page, I dont want the default browser to open up displaying the page.
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bruintjeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello tentavarious,

you can use the webbrowser control for that, you can use the steps outlined here to place it on your form and navigate to an url

hope this helps a bit
tentavariousAuthor Commented:
Thank you helps out  a lot.  One more question does the net framework have a tool similiar?
unfortunately not, the activex control is not part of the framework
You wrote: "unfortunately not, the activex control is not part of the framework"

I can't believe Microsoft would do this...  the deeper I dig...
tentavariousAuthor Commented:
I did find a com object that works, I referenced this Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Browser control type library 1.0 and added it to my tool bar.  This control does exactly what I need.  But its not a .net object, I would have thought .net would have something.
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