Watchguard X500 Security requirements

I was wondering if an x500 can do  AES-256, MD-5 (both phases) and Diffie-Helman Group 5  ?  Does anyone know, I want to setup a vpn tunnel with a Pix and I have a watchguard X500
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supportsoftConnect With a Mentor Commented:
High a X500 cant VPN unless you buy a VPN ugrade. (its can only remote user vpn either buy PPTP of Ipsec (MUVPN )

It does suport AES 256 with Fireware Pro though as well.

You would be cheaper buying a X700 with Fireware pro, rather than a X500 then a vpn upgrade pack, then fireware pro.


focusenAuthor Commented:
anyone have any ideas ?
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