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Automate gathering of drivers for SYSPREP

We have a lot of different machines to image. I know that we can specify the drivers in sysprep.ini but i was wondering if there was a utility out there that could automate the porccess of listing the drivers on a system and copying the reqired files to a specified directory.

Any one done this or seen this before ????

thank you.
1 Solution
I might have Mis-read your question but you might be looking for software like this.

ith Double Driver you can view which drivers are installed in your system and you can backup the drivers you choose, save and print the drivers list, and more.

Double Driver is freeware. Feel free to use and give this program to anyone you know. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
I created a "driver database" under c:\. Under that directory I created a "d" folder with subfolders AA - AB -AC  and then BA BB BC CA CB CC and so on...

I categorized the A folders as Audio so for example AA would have one sound cards driver AB would be another sound card driver...
I categorized the B folders as Ethernet so for example BA would have one NIC driver AB would be another NIC driver...
and so on...

I did this so i can keep organization with the drivers. I also created a txt file which has the driver name, version and release date so if a new driver is released i can remove the old, and replace with new without having mulitple versions/releases for the same hardware.

I used short syntax for if im not mistaken, sysprep can only read a certain amount of characters ( i think its 256).

here is an exerpt from my sysprep.inf



**** ONE BIG ISSUE *****

As you see there is UpdateUPHAL="APCIAPIC_MP,%windir%\inf\hal.inf"
This is for when you build a computer on an older machine...say a Dell GX200... The new machines are all HT or "mulitprocessor" you will need sysprep to update the hal for those machines. If you dont do this, the newer machines will be seen as single processors....on the otherhand if you have a multi-processor hal loaded and you try and load it on an older machine...it will lock the computer.

So in conclusion...build your standard image...ghost that.
then Build your sysprep images....and include the -- UpdateUPHAL="APCIAPIC_MP,%windir%\inf\hal.inf"  --- for HT systems & --- UpdateUPHAL="APCIAPIC_UP,%windir%\inf\hal.inf" --- for your older uniprocessor systems.
cmdiasAuthor Commented:
How did you gather all the driver files ? Manually ????  

Double driver above is great!!!!!!!

Any other software like this ?
Double Driver is the only free software that I know of that will gather all the drivers on your machine and save them. Somebody else might now of different software.

I don't know if this is what you were talking about but it is helpful anyway.

 I used to HATE adding every driver folder path to my sysprep.inf file, but i found this little program (I love it) you just run it, tell it the root directory where all of your drivers are, and then it will modify the "DevicePath" key in the registry for you. this will allow you to remove your OEMPnpDriverPath from the sysprep.inf file. when sysprep runs it will look in every directory for the drivers and install them automatically. :) hope this helps

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